YouGov/Sun poll  – Labour lead up one, now six points ahead: CON 30%, LAB 36%, LD 8%, UKIP 16%



City A.M.

A wing and a prayer 

– Forget bonus caps: Why real executive pay reform must tackle short-termism

– How incompetent policymakers have kept the Eurozone in perpetual crisis

– Better Together finally gets it: An appeal to reason isn’t enough to save the Union



Daily Mail

– ‘Don’t rip our family apart’: At last, the PM gets passionate about the Union and warns there will be NO going back if Yes vote wins

– I’m NOT going to intervene in referendum, says the Queen: Her Majesty makes rare public statement to deny claims she has been asked to step in

– Anger as Salmond plays apartheid card: He likens Scots clamour to vote to South Africa’s first election

– The Salmondistas cried ‘Yes’ – in nine different languages: QUENTIN LETTS with the SNP chief’s East European army 

Why don’t we tell the Scots to shove off! In a personal view (which the Mail disagrees with) SIMON HEFFER says what we fear many English people think

Postcode lottery for passport delays: Officials ordered to target 100 postcodes for extra security checks – but other areas escape scrutiny in attempt to clear backlog

– Rail staff wouldn’t help elderly woman who fell down an escalator at Leeds station… because they hadn’t been trained in ‘people-handling’



The Express

– Leaders’ panic dash to urge scots to vote no ​ 

– Michael Gove warns of anti-semitism ‘virus’ spreading across Europe

– Fears for millions of Brits as foreign banks pull cash from UK over Scottish independence

– Independent Scotland WON’T be able to keep the pound, warns Bank of England

– Scandal of ‘tax’ on dementia: Thousands forced to pay for care

– Britain must ignore ‘little Europeans’ over EU exit

Neil Hamilton: Our world needs a hero to look up to



Financial Times

– UK government urged to fix ‘broken’ public service markets

– Minister warns on penalties for climate deal breaches

Cost of mental illness rising in the UK



The Guardian

– Jean-Claude Juncker to name four ex-PMs in revamped EU executive ​

– Why class trumps nationality in the Scottish independence debate

– Public may end up paying for obsolete smart meters that save little, MPs warn

– How Salmond came top in Scotland’s competitive fear-mongering 

– Close adviser to Ed Miliband calls for creation of an English Labour party 

– Diary: When freedom of information is a gas  (fracking)



The Independent

– Donald Macintyre’s Sketch: I feel your pain, Mark Carney (who earns £600,000) tells the TUC

– Wigan councillor who cost taxpayer £2,400 in sex chat lines is disciplined

– Tony Blair’s former chief-of-staff hopes history will be kinder to former Prime Minister 



The Sun

Phone a McFriend 

– MPs demand disgraced police chief resigns 

– BoJo calls for Brit car discount as part of scrappage scheme 

Pay rises will return ‘after next election’

– Families stung by £215 ‘smart meters’ bill 

– EU bosses shy away from slapping new sanctions on Russia 

– £9million blown on cancelled deportation flights for immigrants 



The Telegraph

– £215 energy smart meters to cut bills by just 2pc, PAC warns

Gordon Brown: The Great Redeemer?

– David Blunkett: Phone Scottish relatives and tell them to vote No. 

– Independent Scotland won’t pay back debt, Alex Salmond says

– Labour could win next election – but only if Scotland votes No 

– Embattled PCC Shaun Wright serves on Home Office child abuse task force 



The Times

– Don’t drag me into the debate, says the Queen 

– UK forces want three new bases to fight Isis 

– Workers won’t enjoy pay rises until 2016, warns Bank chief

Police ‘threatened’ female researcher who tried to expose Rotherham abuse

– Surge in university places fails to boost literacy skills 

Licence fee is good value, new BBC chief says




House of Commons

– 12:00pm Prime Minister’s Question Time

– Debate, Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa and security

– 9:00am – The Wilson Room, Portcullis House, Deep coal mining in the UK (Select Committee)

– 9:30am – Room 5, Palace of Westminster, High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill (Select Committee)


House of Lords

– 11:00am – Room 2, Palace of Westminster Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy (EU Sub-Committee D)

– 2:00pm – Room 2A, Palace of Westminster Home Affairs, Health and Education (EU Sub-Committee F)


European Parliament

– The President’s diary, 16.30 – Meeting with Mary ROBINSON, Special Envoy for climate change – President’s Office



– MANCHESTER: Chancellor George Osborne visits North-West to talk about the “Northern Powerhouse”

– BERLIN: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond holding two days of talks with German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

– 0930: David Laws will announce the launch of the Talented Leaders Programme.

– 0930 LONDON: Ofsted further education and skills annual lecture.

– 0930 LIVERPOOL: TUC Congress.

– 1000 LONDON: Jeremy Hunt speech to Alzheimers Society conference.

– 1200 LONDON: William Hague to take Prime Minister’s Questions.

– 1345: Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling in Mumsnet referendum webchat.

– 1400 GLASGOW: Ed Miliband Scotland referendum speech.

– 1415 LONDON: Boris Johnson gives evidence to Commons Environmental Audit Committee on air quality in London.

– 1430 LONDON: Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson gives evidence to Commons Northern Ireland Committee on on-the-runs.

– 1445 LONDON: Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gives evidence to Commons Treasury Committee.

– 1500 LONDON: Environment Secretary Liz Truss gives evidence to the Commons Environment Committee on fracking.

– 1515 LONDON: Commons Communities Committee takes evidence from Rotherham Council officials re child sex abuse.




Local News

– UKIP set sights on ‘flip-flop’ MP

– Final candidates revealed for Wood Green by-election 

– Crumbs! MEP attacks Eurocrats for issuing advice on eating TOAST

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