The tally is now at 5 terror attacks within 6 months in the UK.  Across Europe, it’s even higher.  Still, as you can guess, the politicians are singing the same tune.  “Will not divide us”, “carry on as usual”, “nothing to do with” etc.

London has come under attack again, as it will again and again.  The Islamic attackers have set aside trucks and knives for the moment and returned to bombs on the tube.  29 people were injured on the District Line at Parsons Green last week when a timed device failed to inflict its carnage. Due to sheer good luck, scores weren’t killed.  Who knows how the dice will fall next time, and the time after that?

In France, there was a double event in one day.  A knife-wielding man plunged at a soldier in Paris, but again just by luck, nobody was killed.  This, of course, reminds us of a similar attack just weeks ago outside Buckingham Palace in London.  Here, a man attacked police with a sword, having first attempted to hit them with a car.  Back in France, on the same day as the latest London and Paris attacks, two women were critically injured in a hammer attack in Lyon – by a man shouting “Allahu akbar”.

We are at a critical juncture now.  There is no more time or room for platitudes.  People are dying and will continue to die until tough action is taken.

I’m frequently told that my tough response to Islamic terror will make things worse, but how much worse can it be?  How can it be worse than a Europe that cowers in fear and all but apologises to those who attack us?  What ‘worse’ do my critics have in mind?  Perhaps open warfare on the streets (that is, more open warfare) is what they fear.  But this is what we’re going to get in any case.  Unless we have leaders who fight back on behalf of the people, then the people may do it themselves.  There is trouble ahead, and either we fight back now and come out the other side with our society intact, or there will be no other side.  We will submit to Islam and our society will be gone for good.

The only peaceful way to fight back now is with new politics and new politicians, and if UKIP will allow me to lead, that is what I will provide.

It’s difficult for me to write about other candidates as that is not the campaigning I want (I want to talk about the issues, not the people, but on this occasion, the issue is the people).  Many of my fellow candidates have recently found a sudden interest in Islam, but it isn’t real.  I know what knowledge of Islam looks like, and I don’t see it on the UKIP leadership candidate panel; no matter what other fine attributes they have (and they do).  This is not a serious issue for them, and I know in my heart that if any were to win, Islam would not be tackled – it simply won’t happen.

Furthermore, we need clear policies on the other key issues at home: NHS, housing, police, jobs, education, immigration…. I have offered all of these from the beginning, and I will continue to.  I care a great deal about many things, and my passion is clear.  I hope UKIP members will allow me to turn that passion into leadership.

But Islam is now key – it will both interest the public and win their votes.  ‘Same old, same old’, including from UKIP candidates, will not do.  “Not all Muslims” will not do, blaming the problems on Wahhabism will not do, blaming a perversion of scripture or a tiny minority of extremists will not do.  We have an enormous problem here, and that problem is in the Koran.

Across the Muslim world, vast majorities support the barbarism of sharia and there is simply no concept of Western-style freedom, even in the most ‘moderate’ of countries.  The British people need to know this, so they can then decide what to do about it.  Living with the comfortable lie of a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ will not do.

I have been heavily criticized not because what I say isn’t true, but because of those I have worked with.  There is certain company I won’t keep – I won’t stand with anti-Semites, or racists, or misogynists, or homophobes.  I’ve stuck to this throughout (and been criticized for that as well).  But the company I’m criticized for keeping usually amounts to Tommy Robinson, a man who is widely admired across the country.  Only those who are completely out of touch and ensconced in the bubble (this very much includes some in UKIP) don’t seem to realize this.

Tommy Robinson, like me, comes from a working-class background and he has been a voice for the working class against mass Muslim immigration for years. I admire him for it and I will never regret or apologise for a moment I have spent in his company.

This is a key time for UKIP as a party and the UK as a nation.  My passion to save this country from the irreversible and negative change will not dampen, but I worry that smear tactics, lies, and bandwagon-jumping may derail those of us who know that change is needed now, not in 10 or 20 years.

If I become UKIP leader, I will not back down, I will not cower, I will not apologise. I will support the British public in their call for an end to immigration from Muslim societies.  I and others understand that Muslim immigration means Islam, and it is Islam that we do not want.  Islam, by any literal reading, is a religion of totalitarianism and tyranny.  Individual Muslims certainly can, but Islam itself is unlikely to adapt because its own scriptures won’t allow it.

“Reform” is showing no signs of success (now or in the past), and why should this occur in Europe or the West at all?  How many Westerners will be killed or raped as we generously open up our societies for Muslims to reform?  To carry out inter-Islam wars on our soil?  No.

This must be understood and can only be understood when we have leaders who know Islam and can talk about it, knowing every trick that the journalists will pull.

The time is now, the election is now, the UKIP leadership is now.  If I can, I will take this fight forward in a way that no other politician will do.  If not, we wait… very probably until it really is too late.

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