On 21st  January, the NEC voted unanimously to declare no confidence in Henry Bolton as leader.  Like many members, I had previously written to all the members of the NEC asking them to do this, and I hoped he would step down with dignity so that we could move on as a party.

I stepped down as Education Spokesman on 22nd January after it became apparent the former Liberal Democrat candidate was going to ignore the vote of the NEC. I did so, quite simply, because it had become shameful and embarrassing to be associated with him.

As a London Assembly Member and former Education Spokesman, I have done all I can to represent the party well in the media and among communities of people who love our country and share our values. I have worked to build links with church and faith groups, women’s groups, family groups and parents’ groups. I write regularly for ‘Breitbart’ and the ‘Conservative Woman – the philosophy not the party’.

As someone who is counted as having an ethnic minority background, I am in a unique position. I spoke for UKIP and the Sikh and Hindu hustings in London in the 2017 election, and there was a surprisingly warm reception to our policies, as there is among many black churches. Africans and Caribbeans with conservative, family values look upon us favourably.

There is much goodwill towards us among these communities but tempered always with the same caveat: We will not vote for you while Henry Bolton is still the leader.

I could not in good conscience remain as Education Spokesman after the events of the last two months. It is impossible to be taken seriously when talking about traditional family values or parents’ rights as primary educators of their children when all that parents see of us is that we have a leader who abandoned their children on Christmas Eve – especially women and mothers.

How can I represent UKIP to Sikhs, Hindus and Commonwealth communities when we have a leader who continues to consort with someone who has said things far worse than Anne-Marie Waters, who Henry Bolton condemned as a Nazi? Even our core supporters will not vote for a party with a leader who lied about his qualifications from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

Despite this, we still have great purpose as a party, both for Brexit and beyond. UKIP should be flying right now and drawing millions of people to us who are increasingly angry about the foot-dragging in Parliament on Brexit and hate the insanity of rapid, mass immigration and political correctness. They want a party which will usher in the era of freedom and prosperity they voted for in the referendum, and a country where there is safety and freedom of speech and thought.

The Tory MPs are split down the middle, decent working people who used to believe in Labour are leaving in droves as Corbyn’s Momentum is getting nasty and taking over the party.

Yet people who are leaving Labour are going to the Lib Dems! In Sunderland, the Lib Dems beat Labour in a recent by-election in one of the most Brexit-friendly seats in the country.

Brexit is in real danger. The most popular book among MPs and Lords in 2017 was written by Nick Clegg and is called ‘How To Stop Brexit’. These Remoaners have got their act together and are actively trying to overturn the democratic will of the British people.I wouldn’t be surprised if the MPs and Lords delay our exit until the 2022 elections, give out millions of British citizenships to EU nationals in the meantime and hold another referendum in 2022/23 to attempt to reverse Brexit.

It is only a revived UKIP which will prevent them from being successful.

But what kind of country do we want to be when we leave? The LibLabConuniparty has unleashed a wave of politically correct insanity upon us. Without UKIP, this will continue unchallenged even if we have a full Brexit.

UKIP is the only party with anyone speaking out about the horror of Muslim grooming gangs which have untold tens of thousands of victims. Some of the girls who were groomed, pimped out and raped were initially told by the police that they were racists and charged with a crime themselves. This is a hideous injustice.

In schools, the ‘Conservative in Name Only’ party has unleashed gender confusion on the very youngest of primary school children at the behest of militant LGBT groups. Teachers are being told not to call boys ‘boys’ or girls ‘girls’ and being punished or even fired if they do not comply. Anyone who states the scientific fact that there are two genders – male and female – determined by birth anatomy and chromosomes is attacked as being ‘transphobic’. People with traditional views on marriage are slurred as ‘homophobic’.

Rapid, mass immigration continues relentlessly, despite Brexit being about controlling our borders. Immigration has swollen the population of the UK by 5 million over the last 20 years, which is more than in the previous 900 years since the Norman Conquest. The devastating effects on the availability of housing for British people, and the unsustainable pressure on the NHS, schools and the transport network are there for all to see. Water shortages will soon be a problem in London, and the ‘Conservative in Name Only’ party is willing to rip up our countryside in order to accommodate millions more migrants.

Militant grievance feminists are attempting to change the culture so that normal interactions between men and women are criminalized. Harmless flirting is being conflated with criminal sexual abuse and harassment, while they agitate for the equal outcomes of Marxism rather than equal opportunities of libertarian capitalism. In the meantime, women like Formula 1 Grid Girls who are happy with their work but don’t subscribe to the oppressor-victim narratives of post-modern cultural Marxism find themselves put out of a job.

There are millions of people who are either concerned or terrified about these issues and are crying out for us to get our act together and make our country sane and free again. They would support us but are not going to come back until we have a leader who inspires them and speaks to people’s hearts about the future of the nation.

Whatever the reasons, Henry Bolton hasn’t spoken about any of these things, except for a half-hearted mention of projecting power into the Brexit debate between discussions about his personal life. He has not given the political leadership that millions are crying out for, and that is why I will be voting with the NEC in Birmingham. I believe we still have great purpose, but we must remove the current leader or we have no future.

If you are a UKIP member, please go to the meeting on 17th February and vote for the motion of no confidence. If you have left within the last three months you can rejoin and go to the meeting and vote. Please do so. The future of the party and the country depends on it.

David Kurten

UKIP London Assembly Member

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