Can David Kurten (as leader) turn around UKIP’s dire fortunes to grow, win elections and challenge the TINOs (Tories in Name only), Labour (aka Champagne Socialists of Islington) and the EU/PC fanatical Lib Dems? I believe, based on what I’ve seen and heard so far, that David is our best hope.  

The ruling establishment is the destroyer of so much of what we cherish in our country (and the natural opponent of UKIP).  Over many years, through incompetence, deceit and following their own self-interests and agendas, they have betrayed the British people, especially the good, honest hard working people; the forgotten people.  David is well aware of this injustice, and is focused on fighting back on many issues in the interests of all the British people.  He has considerable depth of relevant knowledge which often shows itself in subtle ways whilst talking and writing.

Politics is a savage jungle where the other side is deceitful and treacherous, and basically holds all the cards. Through their fellow-travellers they virtually control the main-stream media. UKIP’s new leader will get ruthlessly savaged as soon as his or her head rises above the parapet. David will not be an easy target for them to hit, courageous enough to withstand the total onslaught, and able to fire back winning responses.  

For a small player like UKIP, in this jungle speed and innovation are essential. The big beasts are not going down because UKIP has the resources to out-shout, out-spend and out-canvass them etc. These resources do not exist.  They can only be defeated through adaptation to being better suited to the electorate than they are, and through being able to find and exploit their weaknesses. David seems to naturally empathise with ordinary people, understand what they are thinking, and he puts it easily into words.

Unleashing the latent potential that is in all of us and collectively within UKIP must be a priority for the new leader.  Being approachable and accessible are essential if barriers are to be overcome and not built up. David’s background as a teacher working here and overseas must equip him with unique insights, attitude and track record for getting the most out of people.  And so far, David and his team have shown to me that they are easily approachable and accessible; much more likely to say ‘yes go ahead’ than ‘no’ or ignoring you completely, or just wanting you to do as you are told. I think that this collaborative and empowering attitude is going to rub off onto all of us. It is a different mind-set from that of a politician, who would only want to unload and never to listen. We all need to be able to learn, teach, support and work with each other. David is most likely to put you and me first in UKIP and be a worthy role model.  

David’s background as a scientist and teacher is useful in other ways as well. He is used to observing, analysing, drawing logical conclusions, and then using this information to get results. This beats blind ideology, guesswork and muddling through any day.  And teaching has brought with it an ability to communicate well and inspire others, helping them to learn and improve.  Party members and the British people are increasingly disillusioned – we need to believe in ourselves again, to be inspired by what is possible, and find that as ordinary people we can acquire the skills and motivation to do extraordinary things.  We need a coach, mentor and friend rather than to be accessories to a great one-person band.

He has earned the respect and endorsement of Arron Banks and Lord Pearson, which presumably is not an easy thing to do. Based on their experience, they must obviously see David’s potential as a leader (compared to the other worthy candidates) and how this fits in with the needs of UKIP within the political climate in this country. They will also have considered how well they can work together. David then seems most able to form alliances with other like-minded individuals and organisations both in this country and overseas. We really all need to work together where there is common ground, common objectives and obvious advantages.

Perhaps William Shakespeare summed up the top qualities most needed now:

In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man

As modest stillness and humility:

But when the blast of war blows in our ears,

Then imitate the action of the tiger;

Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,

Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;

Before Harfleur, Act 3, scene 1, Henry V,

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