Editors Note: David Moreland, the author of this article, is the UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman. 

Unfortunately, having listened to our Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her Home Office minister Victoria Atkins confirmed what I have known for a long time, the government genuinely believe that the majority of the British People are stupid and will accept everything they are told.

Well, we have reached the point now where on this policing issue along with many other problems the government have been severely discredited. As an ex-Metropolitan Police CID officer, I have always kept close contact, across several forces, with officers who are working on the streets, working on a belief that I have always had that if you want to know the real truth and facts on a business, then speak to the people on the shop floor. Speaking to both uniformed and CID officers, they are together sickened by the massive lack of people actually “doing the job”, the staff numbers have been reduced dramatically, along with their pay and conditions, which, apart from the government imposed staff reductions, is now causing a mass exodus of officers from the police.

With the huge level of migration into this country and the equivalent rise in the population numbers, it is farcical that the government think we still have sufficient officers on the street. Across the country, police stations have been closed in their hundreds, and in the majority of areas across the country residents will tell you that once upon a time there were always uniformed police walking around who they could approach for advice or to pass information onto, but today that is gone. Serious organised crime, in the main run by European gangs across the country, is now at an uncontrollable level, with the importation of Drugs, cigarettes, slaves and many other serious concerns that are hardly being dealt with at all. Violent street crime, especially in London is at breaking point.

Last week I was in Walthamstow in the East End of London where I grew up and served as a uniformed officer. By sheer luck I came across two Jamaican men who I previously arrested for drug dealing. Having grown up in the East End a lot of my friends at school, and later when I was in the Army, were Jamaicans, so to this day I have always got on well with them. Anyway, we had a talk about the serious gang issue in London, and they said to me that there was never any police on the street, and they very rarely even saw a police car drive by, which has led to teenagers having no fear whatsoever of the police and treating them with utter contempt. They went on to say that another issue that is obviously deliberately hidden from the public is that although there are serious issues with the British West Indian kids, the reason why we have the large rise in deaths is down in the main to illegal Somalian teenagers, who have come from an extremely violent country where stabbing, shooting and acid attacks are commonplace, so they have been using this method of attack since they illegally gained entry into the UK.

And finally Terrorism. Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, stated that in his honest opinion there are at least 23,000 jihadists scattered across the UK. The UK Border Agency is only checking physically or electronically 7% over every car, lorry, coach or container entering the UK on a daily basis. So 93% of vehicles are unchecked, so we frequently hear on the news that a lorry pulled over on a motorway and 25 illegal African migrants jumped out of the lorry and ran away. How many of those will be joining their friends’ gangs! And how many of the 93% of unchecked vehicles have got hidden drugs which are the main cause of the gang crime, or even worse how many of these unchecked vehicles have hidden arms, ammunition and explosives that are being sent to the UK to supply the jihadist sleepers.

In simple terms this government are doing nothing to protect our people in all areas, the everyday policemen have been too scared to stop and search for fear of being called racist as endorsed Diane Abbot and David Lammy, hence why these criminals have total disrespect and lack of fear for the police.

Our UKIP policy to deal with all these issues is to stop the majority of the Foreign Aid budget and recruit military veterans to help police the country and protect our borders, stop the drugs and illegals being imported through lack of checks, and together with the police identify, arrest and deport the majority of illegal gang murderers. Until the Prime Minister wakes up and urgently deals with these issues, our country is in serious trouble

[Ed: we republish this article with kind permission by ‘Kipper Central’]

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