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Daily Telegraph

NO MENTION OF THE NIGEL FARAGE PROGRAMME IN ANY ARTICLE. (Except the reader’s comments – lots of them!)

BBC Question Time: Ed Miliband savaged over economic record during leaders’ special

Who won the BBC Question Time stand-up?

The party leaders finally faced the public – and the public showed them who’s boss

One mention of UKIP on the online front page, nothing about the leader’s debate: England was betrayed by the two main parties

The Independent

Question Time election debate: How the party leaders fared in the spotlight

Question Time election debate: ‘I never considered voting Lib Dem until tonight’ says audience member who called the PM ‘mate’

This is the only reference to UKIP that can be found on the front online page: Quiz: Who said it – Ukip politician or totalitarian crackpot?

The Guardian

Ed Miliband: I won’t have Labour government if it means deals with SNP

Marina Hyde: Election leaders Question Time: live from dreamworld

Search for UKIP on online front page reveals… nothing.


Who won the BBC Question Time Election Leaders Special?

7 things David Cameron said on Leaders Question Time that weren’t *quite* correct

Angry voters made Leaders’ Question Time riveting and revealing – and tough on politicians

(zero mentions of UKIP on front page)

Best of the Rest

Daily Mail

The night real voters finally had their say: Audience roasts party leaders for lying and dodging questions in stormy TV debate as Red Ed is shredded over economy and Cameron comes out on top

Farage vows to carry on even if Britain votes to stay in the EU: Ukip leader claims party could enjoy SNP-style ‘Sturgeon surge’ (At least they mention his programme last night)

Our Media Heroes


Headline news in the online paper: UKIP’s Nigel Farage: We’ll keep on fighting – even if Britain votes to stay in EU

Boris in desperate plea to UKIP voters as Tories try to snatch support away from Farage

(4 “finds” for UKIP on front page)


WATCH: Three leaders face Question Time and the audience is the winner

Farage: Ukip won’t disappear if we lose Euro Referendum

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