Here I will start to suggest some remedies for the main threats that we face. I don’t claim my remedies as the only solutions but they could start some discussion which hopefully might propagate up from here to the UKIP leadership. I don’t have military background so will leave specific military matters to those better qualified. Suffice to say that they do need to be based on threat analysis and not on some arbitrary spending limit, and should not depend on the EU. Recent advances in gaming technology might point to quick evaluation of alternative responses to those threats.

Islam: Stopping its growth

If all Muslim immigration were to cease tomorrow then we would still see the advance of Islam through differential birth rates. This is a problem no doubt compounded by the allowing of polygamy in the Muslim communities. Integration, even if they would accept it, is frustrated by continual pandering by our politicians. Islam cannot and will not exist alongside our own culture and values; its followers expect us to change and accommodate their (outrageous) beliefs. The leftists and incomers elected to government at all levels are cooperating in the planned takeover.

The removal of polygamy simply requires that the existing law be enforced. The guilty need to be punished which requires the relationship to be terminated and the participants to be separated. The normal effective way to do this would be to jail them; they cannot be watched continuously. Clearly that is impracticable so we must fall back on the only other method which will remove the problem. That method is deportation and removal of their citizenship where it has been acquired.

Dealing with differential birth rates is difficult. We cannot force native Brits to have more kids and policies such as compulsory sterilisation of female immigrants after a second birth will raise a howl of protest from the feminists.

Further immigration must be stopped, if necessary using the Trump method as any notice of future intent will encourage a glut before the implementation date. Dealing with war refugees must be addressed by creating safe zones in their own countries. Such zones need to be policed by the military and efforts should be made to make them function as a normal city with the usual facilities and opportunities for work. Indeed they should be based around existing facilities. Organisations such as the UNHCR ought to be kept out; they are not our friends. It is important for reasons covered later that such zones include a sea port equipped to handle shipping containers and an airport.

The detrimental effect of a mass exodus by refugees on their home country is never mentioned. Migrants do have the motivation and determination to embark upon difficult and sometimes dangerous journeys. Such people are the ones needed to rebuild their countries and prevent them becoming dependent upon incessant external aid.

Such policies will take time to implement and will require a change of government. In the meantime we will be invaded by many more using legal and illegal means. Any who are allowed to stay should be informed that their stay will be time limited and the gaining of citizenship will not be allowed. They should not be housed in conventional housing and allowed to disappear. There is a world surplus of shipping containers and many examples of their being converted for housing. They would be ideal for temporary housing and likely better than many immigrants would be used to in their home countries. Standardisation will reduce cost.

Border control has become a farce with wholly inadequate resources. I suspect that the existing culture within UKBA will not allow reform to be undertaken easily.

From my recent experience the focus seems to have been on improved airport security but much more is required. I would suggest that seaward border control be removed from the understaffed and under resourced UKBA and given to the Royal Navy. Obviously such action needs to form part of a review of naval capability but would provide less onerous jobs for older navy personnel no longer able to perform front line duties.

Similarly the land bound border control should be handed over to the police and the need for additional resources addressed through recruitment and transfers. This arrangement seems to work effectively elsewhere but incorporation into the army might be another possibility. That too might provide job opportunities for older military personnel.

The stay of any future immigrant should be on the basis of time limited visas and work permits requiring proof of sufficient income in either case. Such immigrants should not be allowed to own land or property and be subject to immediate deportation on conviction of a criminal offence with no appeal. That is how it works in other countries.

Islam: Dealing with those already here

It is time that those established here were subjected to our own law and culture rather than being allowed to do as they please. If they cannot accept that then they must leave. Measures which will be seen as Draconian by many are necessary to save our country from Islamisation which is the ultimate objective of the majority of Muslims living here and commanded by their religion.

Any persistent criminal behaviour or promotion of Islam against our own values should be met with immediate deportation. The creation of safe zones in Muslim countries at war will facilitate that and deportation must be accompanied by removal of citizenship, however gained, even if that results in their becoming stateless.

Their ghettos have prevented their integration (a vain hope in any case) but provide a potentially useful function in their concentration. However they must not be allowed to grow or proliferate. Those ghettos need to be policed. It can start with house to house searches which will probably need military support. Anyone here illegally or in possession of drugs or weapons should be deported immediately with no appeal.

Education needs to be reformed to reflect our own culture and values with no allowances for those of the alien. Translation of official documents and provision of translated versions must be stopped. If they need a translator then they must pay for one as we would have to do in their countries. Halal slaughter should also be banned; the overall objective being to demonstrate that which should be our mantra “Live in our country; live by our rules”.

The Law needs to be amended as necessary to enable the above and deal with the expected driving underground their activities. That continuation of such activities will work for us if the penalty is deportation.

We should also encourage repatriation by providing resettlement grants, especially to those receiving benefits. Those benefits could support that; they would amount to a good income in many countries but must be time limited.

Where refugees have been allowed to enter (and housed in the facilities referred to previously) they can be resettled in safe zones together with their easily transportable container housing to give them a start.

If we don’t implement such measures then we will be faced with two choices:

  • Allow our country to be taken over by Islam
  • Forced repatriation which will initiate civil war.

To be continued…

[Ed: here are Part I , Part II, and Part III]


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