On one thing we can all agree; we have seen unexpected political events of potentially enormous significance. First BREXIT, then the election of Donald Trump and we may yet still see seismic changes in the forthcoming elections in France, Germany and Holland. These have arisen or are yet to come to pass because of the democratic process of vote by the people. What the eventual significance of these are has yet to become clear.

However, there is a disturbing climate arising in our democratic societies. It has always been a tenet of our democracy that those who lose accept the outcome and work with it to try to achieve success. That does not mean they have to agree with it, it does not mean that they should not put forward contributory or even opposing views. It does mean however, that those who lose do not seek to undermine and scream and shout ‘outrage’ at the result they did not like. It does not mean that they enter into a diatribe of invective against those who won or supported the winning side. Whatever criticisms of BREXIT or President Trump there are, the decisions by those whose support brought about their success deserve and must be given respect. The current attitude is a betrayal of democracy and those who pursue this aggressive and destructive path must have regard to what are the long term interests of our nations in the preservation of an effective and powerful democratic system.

It is noticeable that the feminist cause is invoked in relation to President Trump on behalf of all women in the expectation that this should justify all adverse comment. However, the so called feminist lobby cannot claim support from the entirety of the female vote. Very far from it. In relation to BREXIT  the feminist cause was also invoked against Nigel Farage and UKIP. Large swathes of female voters helped to elect Trump, bring about BREXIT and give UKIP a massive win in the 2014 elections. It is claimed also that all young people voted to remain and this outcome was thwarted merely by the votes of the old. Not so. If that was the divide, then Remain would have won. A significant number of young people voted for BREXIT and many old people voted to remain.

These may be awkward facts for those who feel injured  to accept but they must be faced up to and be accepted.

The term  ‘the silent majority’  has been used in many contexts but without any real or proven understanding of how the silent majority actual thinks or who they are. There is a predilection amongst the mainstream politicians and  the media to talk about matters as though they somehow are the only ones in touch with the views of a nation or a people. Phrases such as ‘the people of x will not accept’ or ‘such and such does not represent the views of the people of x’ are bandied about freely.  What has happened in both the USA and the UK is that a large segment of the electorate from across previous political divides, and by all means call these the silent majority,  have found an occasion on which they want to give voice to their united view that they have been failed across a broad range of political policy and by the media who for too long have  misrepresented their views and concerns.  The so called ‘liberal progressives’ do no good to themselves or their countries by saying those people did not know what they were doing or crying foul and seeking to overturn it by trying to throw every rock in the path of change. If we had adopted this attitude in our working life to every management ‘initiative’ or ‘strategy review’ we would not have been long in our respective employments.

Things will never be quite the same again and the fact that this is so should cause those who feel their noses have been put out of joint to be silent for some reconsideration and reassessment of their positions. In particular they would do well to recognise there are other points of view and that these are valid and seriously held. The ‘silent majority’ are calling for a radical change in policies and the politicians who they wish to represent them and in the media who say they speak for them.





Photo by oinonio

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