Following the Referendum result there were numerous interviews with young people who believed the older generation had stolen their future. Strangely the younger generation felt they were voting for their future when the older generation who statistically had less future would have voted out of spite and not considered their descendants.

In fact the majority of voters under the age of say 21 who voted were not yet parents and were more likely to have voted selfishly than those who had descendants and wanted the best for them. Before continuing with possibly sweeping generalisations lets look at the demographics.

AGE    Leave     Remain

18-24    27%        73%

25-34    38%       62%

35-44    48%       52%

45-54     56%      44%

55-64     57%     43%

65+       60%      40%

Now I could draw a graph but it should be clear from a brief look at the table that Euro-scepticism is directly proportional to number of years living under the EU influence. What this tells us is that young people tend to think of the advantages of living within a common area of Europe without border controls and all sharing EU Passports. That education has indoctrinated the younger generations into the benefits of the European Socialist system. These include cheap flights, cheap holidays and apparently the huge Single Market, job creation, workers benefits and a future through climate change control. What a shame though that we still have Sterling and have to buy Euros to use when going on holiday or working on the continent.

What each subsequent generation has learnt is the ever-increasing interference in their lives and businesses and employment. About two thirds of employment in the UK is by private enterprise and one third by public service. Now when the EU and subsequently the government bring in new workers’ rights and benefits the public servants reap the benefits at taxpayers expense.
In private business people are employed to create products that are sold to generate revenue and profits. When state laws and directives for workers benefits and wages are enforced on employers the business becomes less competitive. More costs mean a greater proportion of the profits go to the workers, so employers then try to find ways to avoid the unaffordable benefits.

One of the avoidance tactics is the use of zero hour contracts. Another obvious solution to unaffordable benefits is to reduce staff levels below which the benefits must be applied. A further solution is to use more mechanisation and less manpower. So going down this path will ultimately lead to job insecurity and mass unemployment.
Generation after generation has seen more regulations and directives from the EU, often gold plated by the UK government. These often restrict manufacturing methods and practices and force the removal of largely harmless elements and compounds from products. Directives requiring unaffordably expensive testing necessary for approval to put products on the market legally have decimated large swathes of industry. Each generation has seen more traditional industries destroyed by meddling from the EU with the obvious conclusion that more EU only means less industry and a straight-jacket control of our lives in the manner depicted in George Orwells book 1984.

None of the younger generation remember the days where every seaside town had a vibrant fishing fleet and many towns on the east coast had huge fishing fleets providing full employment and prosperity. That was before the EU took away our territorial waters and divided them up among member states. Now we are allowed by the EU just 7% of the channel fishing catch. Crazy when a huge amount of our food came from our waters.

None of the younger generations remember when you couldn’t look out across the landscape without seeing cows or sheep. Now there are still EU members states that ignore the ruling that says British beef meets EU regulations and refuse to buy it. Decades ago many fields were smaller, with each grouped for a rotation of crops with one field left fallow for a year. Now fewer crop varieties are grown, many hedgerows have been removed so larger fields are cultivated and none ever left fallow. Now to avoid recurrent pest evolution we have to spray with insect killer.
Many crops are now not viable under Common Agricultural Policy rules, which greatly benefit French farmers. Because we are forced to buy a percentage of our food from the EU, particularly France, we have to set aside 15% of good agricultural land permanently. Crazy when we could be more self-sufficient.

As EU regulations have destroyed small and medium businesses, farming, and fishing, people have moved from the rural areas to the big cities where they sit in offices pushing paper around or these days hitting the keyboard doing virtual work. So the cities are all hustle and bustle, where the money is and where house prices are unaffordable and the cost of living is high. The rural and industrial areas are quiet and run down except for the posh houses built for people retiring from the cities.

Eventually if we were to stay in the EU they would regulate the City of London financial centre to France and Germany then leaving the UK hollow and broken. Sucked dry of its sovereignty, its industry, its farming, its fishing, and financial services. That’s the way we were going but you really needed to be around for a while to fully appreciate it. That’s why the older we were the more we wanted out.

Photo by Seth Capitulo

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