You may not have heard about it but Denmark has just voted No in an EU Referendum.

The Referendum was on whether Denmark should opt-in permanently to a range of Justice and Police measures, such as the European Arrest Warrant.

The Danes voted No by 53% to 47%.  The Danes actually had a referendum on this issue whereas we the British did not. Why not?  Because the Coalition Government decided to bulldoze these highly contentious and controversial measures through Parliament twelve months ago.

The adoption of these Justice and Police measures is a key factor in the EU creating its own system of criminal law that will supersede our own centuries old system of English law.  The European Arrest Warrant is the best known of a whole range of legal institutions and legal instruments that have come into force over the last two decades.

Unlike Britons the Danes were given a choice in this matter and they wisely rejected it.  I have been campaigning on this issue since I became an MEP in 2004.  I wrote about this in detail a few years ago in a little booklet. It needs to be updated but the essentials are still valid.  You can read it by going to this link Freedom, Security and Justice?

The Danes have made the right decision on this issue – let’s hope the British make the right decision in our long awaited referendum!


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Photo by Jens Rost

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