Governments are elected on promises; some of those promises are far reaching and require change in the way we are governed, others are of lesser scope but create a positive view for those of us who will vote for that intended government. So often it becomes apparent that those policies are watered down so as to become ineffective or were outright lies spoken with the sole purpose of winning the election.

There are successes; we were promised and got our referendum and the result we needed. Thankfully Cameron had been cornered, clear in his belief that we would not vote to leave; had he believed otherwise there would have been no referendum. It was preceded by a torrent of lies from government and others who thought that they could easily dissuade us from voting to leave. Maybe those who campaigned for our leaving were a little naïve in expecting the result to be respected and the process of leaving to be initiated quickly.

I can’t bring to mind any other policy of the coalition government or the Cameron government that I would regard as a success. Of course we are still waiting on May and her recent speech did not remove some critical doubts about her intent.

Bad news tends to travel faster and wider than good news. Nevertheless I would argue that government has failed in many of its policies; that is both in pursuing the wrong policy and failing to implement the right policy successfully.



The most spectacular failure of government is that of failing to control immigration, both legal and illegal. Our borders remain porous; the Border Force has become more of a border farce in its inability to stop the illegal immigrants entering and deporting them when caught.

For years those who are unable to make any needed contribution to society have been allowed to enter and create their ghettos showing no intent to integrate and trying their best to make our country like their own. Of course it is natural to want one’s own comfort zone but that does not make change to favour them acceptable. Governments over the years bear a heavy responsibility for allowing it but we are also guilty of being too tolerant and not holding those governments to account. Perhaps the worst aspect of this is that people are now fearful of speaking out.

Foreign Wars

Once Kuwait had been invaded we were bound to retaliate. However that war ended without the aggressor being annihilated and left a festering issue which Blair used to his advantage. We now know that the “evidence” to support the second Gulf War did not exist. It would have been interesting to hear the evidence of Dr. David Kelly but his untimely and suspicious death put an end to it and the Blair/Bush alliance got their way.

Having “won” that war Obama threw victory away by withdrawing US troops after a long occupation. Iraqi troops were not ready to take over so the way was left open for ISIS which, several years later, has still not been ousted.

Since then we have been unnecessarily involved in the wars in Libya and Syria. Those wars are the root cause of unwanted mass migration to Europe, along with the import of many who would do us harm. Minding our own business might have prevented it as well as saving the lives of our own troops and a great deal of money.

The Rule of Law

British Law has developed over centuries; it has provided the model for many other jurisdictions in the world. We had no need of its becoming subordinate to EU Law, yet it was cast aside in the drive for EU membership.

EU laws have ranged from the ridiculous to the dangerous, particularly so in relation to the European Arrest Warrant which transcends the protection enjoyed under our own habeus corpus principle.

Increasingly human rights legislation deriving from the UN and the EU has been abused by lawyers and the courts to prevent the delivery of justice, particularly in respect of acts of terrorism and their inciting or support.

Now we also have Sharia Law being the preferred rule of law in the Muslim immigrant communities, whose residents are left to do virtually as they please.

The Economy

Osborne’s promise to reduce the debt was quietly cast aside and it is still growing. We simply cannot afford the cost of supporting large numbers of unemployable immigrants and participation in the wars of others.

Trade Unions

The trade unions have been allowed too much power in promoting unjustified disputes causing unacceptable disruption to the daily lives of many on the flimsiest of excuses. There seems to be no coherent plan to solve the transport issues experienced by many in pandering to the inconsiderate few.


Defence budgets have been cut to the bone requiring dangerous reductions in the number of military personnel. Whilst we were never told so it is logical to assume that there was to be dependence on the proposed EU army. Scrapping of essential equipment before replacements are available is particularly worrying.

Our seaward border is largely unprotected, particularly the south coast which is in reach of small fast boats from the continent. I don’t know the present state of security on the landward side of our major ports but a few years ago it was virtually non-existent outside of passenger terminals.

We were brought up to believe in democracy and that governments, however misguided in their beliefs, were comprised of honest people who believed that their policies were beneficial for our countries. When their policies failed to deliver it would raise the question of “why did those (insert abusive term) do that?”

Consider the alternative of government not being on our side but doing the bidding of some supranational organisation, an organisation that is intent on changing our world to suit its own evil ends, is opposed to democracy, is backed by vast wealth and has its tentacles in everything.

In that case the question changes from “why would they do that?” to “why would they not do that”?

Maybe I should set out the policies which I believe are necessary to put matters right but that is for another day…


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