I recently wrote an article examining Who are UKIPPERS? but now in retrospect realise that I was in fact defining UKIP core voters. The opinion polls now tell us that there are a lot of people now switching their vote to UKIP. They must be categorised as disillusioned voters who previously always voted for a specific party or tactically voted against the party of government.

To consider why all this happens is that within human communities groupings occur usually for the benefit of a particular interest. A club or business or political party comes into existence to serve that interest. As time goes on people join that group to further themselves with no thought for those the group was intended to support.

What then happens is the supporters become the funding or means by which the group exists. The group takes on its own identity and starts formulating its survival policy and forcing it on its supporters. It happens everywhere and any group created to look after the interests of the public by keeping a particular branch of service industry in check, in the end looks after the group instead of the public.

Within the political arena we see it happen where those with vision create parties according to the needs of society and steadily grow until they become a governing party. With the confidence that creates they are now enabled to generate their own policies according to the direction perceived by the core supporters or by those that fund the party.

Generally, politics in the UK comes down to a two party battle because the only way to remove a party from government that the people have come to dislike is by voting for a main opposition. This results in two parties regularly swapping positions of government and only offering the electorate the policies they have generated so there becomes a widening gap between the wishes of the electorate and the political elite.

This explains immediately why over recent decades the Liberal vote has steadily climbed as voters disillusioned with Labour or Conservative gave their protest vote to the Liberals as the third party. Unfortunately for the Liberals there never were an increasing number of core voters that actually liked their policies.

Now the liberals have had participation in government and their fundamentalist green and left wing policies have been laid bare, the protest voters have deserted them leaving just the core behind. It is about the same level as the greens, who are also perceived by the majority as being a bit far out.

Then the general public start looking around for any other party that might support their core beliefs and policies which have been for so long ignored by the ruling elite. UKIP enter stage right! In France it is Marine Le Pen entering stage hard left but the reason is exactly the same. The ruling elite has ignored electoral wishes too long and only offered what the parties want.

There are now so many issues that the people want and the ruling elite do not, that a major electoral upset is on the way in many Western democracies. This may even follow the pattern that occurred in 1995 in Canada causing almost total wipe-out for the ruling Conservative Party. It subsequently split apart and some of its members joined the newly insurgent Progressive Party to form a majority New Conservative government at the next election.

Fundamental to the present situation is EU immigration that the Conservatives promise they will curb but which is not possible while we stay a member of the EU. Then there is the increasing demand for financial support for the EU while it throws money around in abandon without properly accounting for it and in order to maintain the Euro of which we are not a member.

The Conservatives know there is nothing real they can renegotiate with the EU, especially now that most decisions are made by a majority vote. The UK has now been asked for a further £1700,000,000 by 1st December as a ‘further’ top up to the existing high contribution already being made to the EU.

According to the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 1st November 2014, there has already been a previous top up payment half as much again discreetly made by HM government earlier this year but kept very quiet. It does surprise me that we are being asked to contribute so much to the EU especially as the economies of both France and Germany are larger than ours.

It really cannot make sense to borrow money from the IMF and hand it to the EU so that the bulk of it can be divided between Germany and France because they are fast heading for recession again. It is almost as stupid as giving aid to India that has a bigger economy than the UK and is similar to the amount they spend on their space program.

The biggest factors concerning the electorate are immigration and the economy. Because neither the Conservatives nor Labour desire to leave the EU, a vote for either of them means more of the same.

Because the Conservatives haven’t really significantly reduced the structural deficit, nor can stop money flowing to the EU, and actually supported a bill to give 0.7% of UK GDP in foreign aid, they can’t be trusted on the economy.

Surely most voters must now be aware that most of the present problems with the economy were due to the last Labour government and its reckless spending on public services. I really cannot understand why there still are so many Labour supporters. Do they not realise that the well is still dry and that punitive taxation is self-defeating. As Winston Churchill stated:- ‘I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.’

Only leaving the EU and controlling immigration, a reduction of government spending within the UK and to other countries and the abandonment of vanity projects like HS2 are the sensible roads to take. Only a UKIP dominated government will take the necessary steps to solve these concerns of the electorate. So if you are a disillusioned voter, give us a try.

Photo by League of Women Voters of California

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