I recently read an article by Janice North, entitled: “Tilbrook speaks” . I enjoyed the article and particularly the part in the attached video entitled: “Robin Tilbrook talks about his court case claiming that we left the EU 29/3/19” where he talks about High Court Judges and political judgements.

What I found extremely disturbing was Robin Tilbrook’s statement that it is extremely hard to get a judgement based on law from a High Court judge, they are more likely to be politically driven. Robin further states:

“to become a judge these days, you have to satisfy the Judicial Appointments Commission, that you have a lifetime’s commitment to equality and diversity.”

This seems to me to be a complete conflict of interest on the part of these lofty individuals that we rely on to dispense justice on our behalf and I’m sure it would have grated with many of you who have also watched this video. Perhaps we’d better take a closer look at this diversity thing.

As I’ve often written in my previous articles, I’ve spent a lot of time travelling in my life. As far as I can tell, the world always has been a culturally diverse place. Indeed, cultural diversity is something that I too have always cherished: when in Rome I do as the Romans and then I go home.

There is much published research about human genetics and cultural diversity, much of it we never get to hear about. You can do your own research but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to refer to a piece from Time:  “What Science Says About Race and Genetics” .

To quote from the article:

“New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional.”

Despite official statements to the contrary, it seems that there is a biological basis for race.  Another quote:

“Human social structures change so slowly and with such difficulty as to suggest an evolutionary influence at work.”

We’re talking here about changes that have occurred over the last thirty five thousand years or so. This makes a mockery of attempts by the Liberal Left, NGOs, the European Union, United Nations and globalists generally, through Political Correctness and other totalitarian propaganda, to convince us that race is something that can be abolished in less than a human lifetime.

Today, globalists talk about cultural diversity as if it was something newly discovered but their version of it means something else. Behind it is a very sinister agenda. We’ve heard it all before though, most recently from Theresa May and her: “leave means leave”. She certainly had a hidden agenda, didn’t she!

Another very worrying quote from the above article:

“Tribalism seems to be the default mode of human political organization. It can be highly effective: The world’s largest land empire, that of the Mongols, was a tribal organization. But tribalism is hard to abandon, again suggesting that an evolutionary change may be required.” 

That quote above should set alarm bells ringing because no matter what we’re told by globalist politicians, every race needs its own space, mixing of races has always had disastrous consequences as events in Israel and other places around the world have proven time and time again.

Multiculturalism is a lie and it will prove to be a disaster for our country. Let’s face it, we’ve already seen this starting to occur as I’m sure I don’t have to tell you.

Here’s a quote from Infowars but similar information is available from many sources: “Germany Welcomes 9,000 Family Members of ‘Refugees’ Amid Soaring Homeless Crisis”

Throughout the Western world, immigrants are being housed, clothed and fed in preference to and at the expense of the indigenous citizens of these countries. The strain on housing, health, education, welfare and just about everything else has been at an enormous cost to ourselves and as a result many of our citizens will end up on the street.

All of the above is happening at a time when Western governments have been printing mind-bogglingly vast amounts of money to make ends meet, yet behind the propaganda the world economy is in dire straits.

Total world debt now stands at around two hundred and fifty four trillion dollars. It would take the entire gross domestic product of the entire world for one hundred years to pay back this debt and that’s just to break even. This debt will never be repaid.

The days of us being able to print money to pay for an ever expanding population are coming to an end and I’ll have to write about this another time. The point is this though: when we have to fight in our own country for disappearing resources, then we’ll see tribalism. As society divides along ethnic lines as it is only natural for people to do, then we’ll enter one of the most violent times in human history.

Just about any globalist agenda is a practical failure. The Euro currency for example was always a political rather than a sound economic construct. It has polarised Europe and already caused untold misery. All of these agendas are the same, they are not for the benefit of we the people, they’re there to facilitate the globalist dream. We the people just don’t matter.

When you therefore hear a politician,a  civil servant, a celebrity or judge talk about diversity, remember it means something else: it means tyranny, equality means poverty, the agenda is the United Nations Agenda 2030 and it is an inhuman agenda.

This agenda has infested our government, judiciary, police, media and so many other aspects of our lives. Brexit is just one battle. The next will be against the United Nations, our own government and its institutions. I’ve for a longtime realised that we are in more danger now than we were in either of the last two world wars, and so we must first accept that we are indeed at war. 


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