This report was sent in by David Tavener, UKIP Milton Keynes:

Divided we fall.

I attended the inaugural meeting of the MK branch of the For Britain Party on the evening of March 7th, 2018, at a location close to Milton Keynes which was not publicised due to adverse attention by third parties who are intent on denying freedom of speech.

I attended the meeting at the invitation of a former UKIP member who is their new MK branch chairman; his secretary is also ex UKIP as were a few in attendance at the meeting.

The chairman welcomed everyone and we took it in turns to introduce ourselves – some had travelled a fair distance to take part. The chairman then outlined his plans for the branch formation and future events.

Anne Marie Waters the party leader of ‘For Britain’ spoke: she welcomed everyone and informed us of the problems she was experiencing with plenty of establishment obstacles being raised to prevent the party progressing. The party was still not recognised by the Electoral Commission preventing them from taking part in May’s local elections.

After Anne Marie’s speech there was a question and answer session.

I took the opportunity to say the gathering reminded me of meetings I attended years ago when Nigel was speaking at local schools in Aylesbury and how far UKIP had risen (and fallen) since then. I expressed a concern of how our opposition, the EU, mainstream media and political elite were only too happy to see the opposition divided, using scarce money and resources in duplicating effort.

How are we going to become a united opposition (I don’t know)?

Others raised questions of how For Britain are going to overcome establishment hurdles in the party’s creation. It was not possible to give a definite answer but AMW and the Chairman said they and others were working hard to overcome the hurdles and were sure they would prevail in due course.

It is so disappointing that the damage caused by UKIP leadership failures have resulted in more division. We all share the frustration with the UKIP elite mismanagement but there is no point apportioning blame, we must look forward and try to heal these divisions so that UKIP can return to being the party capable of delivering an honest government and delivering what the electorate want, a self governing UK.

All branches need to support Gerard Batten NOW and help him and the Party stay on course.

UKIP can be reformed and the Branches need to get organised. See The Grassroots – Taking Back Control printed in UKIP Daily:


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