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The same mental health warning applies as in Part 1.  Please don’t think you readers of Part 2 are being cheated, there is plenty of horror to go round!

Part 1 mapped out the landscape that we must deal with.  Anyone who thinks this is not a serious matter should consider the unprecedented ruin of humane values and hopes by the political bestiality of the 20th century.  If this could happen with the knowledge and sometimes support of the intelligentsia, what hope do have we?  Are we owners of our own suffering, our human condition? Perhaps we are all sheep, to be led to the promised-land?  Or maybe oysters to be exploited.

Are we destined to live in the claustrophobic pit of hell, or the freedom of the hilltop that is heaven, where the only limit on the vista is our ability to perceive?  But with imagination we have the ability to turn that hell into heaven and that heaven into hell. Imagination begets ideas, which is great, until they are imposed on others who may not want them. That is conceit wrapped up in deceit.  Cue the dinosaurs. Some are exactly what their documentation says they are; others are wolves in sheep’s clothing. All are very dangerous.

Whose side will new technology be on?  Will it be used by the dinosaurs and facilitate human oppression?  If our thoughts can be read then heaven will be gone forever. Many people have been searching for an answer to the imposition of these marauding animals.  (And for those who don’t want to cheat please look away now. The answer to that question is in the four words ‘after the ‘w’ in the title).

Some very brave people may be able to save us!  We say ‘may’ because we think they haven’t thought it through!

Anyway they have pinned their hopes on democracy, and to be fair they are absolutely right!  But unless those brave souls are represented in Parliament nothing will change!! So it is a bit of a ‘Catch 22’ really.  They believe they can break the terrible cycle by the introduction of proportional representation!

But to get PR they must win at FPTP.  The first part of ‘what they haven’t thought through’ is that with PR you will end up with a hung Parliament.  That means, wait for it, MPs will have to work together, co-operate, and make decisions based on consensus. What a terrible thought!  Goodbye confrontational politics, hello consensual politics, how bizarre!

Now here’s the main part of ‘what they haven’t thought through’.  They will never do it! Yes, sorry, no, they will never achieve it, it will never happen!  Unless they work together!

Such a shame that they will have to put aside their egos and their tribalism and come together. Sometimes certain individuals have an amazing ability to think on a higher level. Milton was one and said: ‘The most sublime act is to set another before you.’  Can you just forget about your own narrow perspective and see the danger we are all in. We don’t want another 20th century.

Come together and form an alliance!

To provide an alternative political movement or to put it crudely an Alternative Alliance Party.  This must include all, yes, ALL those with aspirations for a new beginning in British politics.  How lovely, if only it could be possible?

OK so let’s do a fact check.  They will have to work together, check.  They will have to co-operate, check. They will have to make decisions based on consensus, check.  Hang on a minute! We’ve been here before haven’t we? This is starting to sound like the outcome of Proportional Representation, have we just gone around in a big circle?

Let us assume this all works.  How will they kill the dinosaurs?

Return power to the people.

Just in case you are getting that warm feeling, you know the one you get when you discover all is not lost, the one that hope tends to give you, we need to tell you something.  In keeping with all horror stories worth their salt, there was a little piece of information we forgot to mention in Part 1.  Well, actually, we did not forget we just thought that the readers of Part 2 should have some of the fun.

Please hold on to something this is shocking!

Here it is, there is a… fifth dinosaur!

A very, very big one, bigger than all the others!! We don’t see it too often, yet, but it gobbles up whole nation states. If you don’t kill that one we are all finished.  It is called globalisation.

Some people get confused with its name and call it totalitarianism but that’s another story.  Just know that it is bad news!!

By the way, just to unsettle you even more, if it goes all quiet and those dinosaur eyes start blinking, BEWARE.  Come on you know what I’m saying, you’ve seen Jurassic Park, yes? They do that when they are communicating. That’s right! Horror of horrors, they work together sometimes, how frightening.  It’s called Common Purpose!

Sorry to load you with all this.  By the way, you are starting to look a little pale.  Really though, for all those who want the end of the destructive Left versus Right politics, and love what is left of our culture, we have to work together, seriously!!

We have said enough now and are feeling quite exhausted, so will end there.  Hope you have got the message? Remember, don’t forget, repeat after us….


Now go and put the kettle on.

Find a dark room.

Take a red pill.

Drink your tea

And think about what we have said!


[The author of the article ‘Do we need a revolution in UK politics Part 2’ is Kim who is a member of the Trinity Group. This group was formed in response to a series of articles in UKIP Daily. The founding members had all commented on those articles and they were invited by the author to continue discussions.]

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