Warning!  This article carries an xxx rating.  Please do not read if you are faint hearted, adverse to blood and carnage, or cannot stand being patronised.  There is no eloquent language or clever dick Latin snippets. We will shout at you with increased font size and emboldened characters capital letters and throw punctuation marks at you. If you are under 18 please accompany Mum and Dad. Tell them you love them, apologise for joining an Ideology and that you may remember them when they are dead!


Our country, the UK, is going down the pan, water closet, lavatory or toilet, call it what you will.  That’s not an abstract, ‘off the wall’ opinion, it has been happening for some time and is self-evident to anyone who looks.  If it is any consolation, and we know it won’t be, most of the countries in Europe are going the same way .

Look! Let’s not beat about the bush Europe is going down the pan too.

We will put it very simply and in a way the ordinary brainwashed, celebrity cultured and shallow minded proletariat can understand.

There are Three Dinosaurs stomping through the country.  They are very scary. They thrash their tails, trashing our institutions and culture as they go.  Their huge sharp teeth are tearing away at our Laws, our Language, our Values and our Services. But that’s not all!

There is a Fourth Dinosaur that has been visiting us a lot lately.  It joins the other three in a feeding frenzy, paying particular interest to our Sovereignty, which, let’s face it, is all but eaten up anyway!

The carnage is so hard to accept that many of the people keep their eyes shut for fear of seeing the horrors, not just of the individual devastations and humiliations, but also in not wanting to come to terms with the fact that it is happening at all.  They take comfort in their antiquated respect for the intellectuals, professionals and academics in society. Hoping that the Intelligentsia will get them out of this nightmare and somehow kill the Dinosaurs. How very, very naïve of them! You’re not one of them, are you?

There have been those who knew that these times would come, many years ago.  They spoke out but no-one listened. One was Churchill another Orwell. If you haven’t read 1984 we strongly suggest you read it, while copies are still available. If you have read the story…..Read it again!

These people also knew the names of the Three Dinosaurs and, of course we all know the name of the Fourth.

The First Dinosaur is called Corporatism, a spoilt, self-opinionated beast.  

It will sell you happiness in a packet of sherbet. Then it will get you into debt and own you.  But don’t worry as you are being eaten alive you can dream of wealth and privilege.

The Second Dinosaur is called Socialism, this one is a sly and deceitful animal.

It rode on the back of the struggle for working class emancipation.  When your freedoms have been snatched away with doubletalk and groupthink,  Socialism will steal your hard won rights. There will be no ‘promised land’ you will become one of the ‘lesser equal’. Yes! It will take away your sherbet dip and enslave you, before eating you!

The Third Dinosaur cannot be named for legal reasons. Not because it is too young, on the contrary, it is the oldest of the Dinosaurs by about thirteen hundred years.  It hasn’t changed in time, which is why it is a violent creature.  Whole swathes of our sisters will be subjugated and many groups will be eliminated altogether.  Once under its control you will have to stay close to it or die. It will corrupt your Laws and own your soul.  Snowflakes will be destroyed in nano-seconds by the searing heat of realisation, betrayal and then subjugation.

The Fourth Dinosaur is called EU.  Shush! Don’t say its name too loudly.

It wants to be your friend, but with friends like that….well you really don’t need enemies. It has had some very dodgy friends in the past, just so you know!!

EU is potentially as dangerous as the other three. EU has been wounded by Information recently and is now very angry indeed!

Oh my God, why Dinosaurs?  Because there are worse things that are a lot harder to handle.  Hell is in enslavement and heaven is in freedom. One person’s imposed ideas is another’s enslavement. Of course we get excited about our ideas, our master plan, but freedom brings diversity, colour, inspiration and understanding and light.

And when things start going wrong with this or that master plan?  Let’s make it work regardless it must be the implementation, have faith!  Too late to turn back now. This fossilized thinking has caused so much misery and death.

Alas! If only they were real Dinosaurs.

We will continue our Horror story in Part 2. No we haven’t finished with you yet!

[Ed: The author of the article ‘Do We Need a Revolution in UK Politics’ is Kim, who is a member of the Trinity Group. This group was formed in response to a series of articles in UKIP Daily. The founding members had all commented on those articles and they were invited by the author to continue discussions.]


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