Do we want to win the OUT vote – or do we want to lose that vote because suddenly the fight against Islamification has found a new – for us in the UK – platform to show our anger?

Anne-Marie Waters, one of our members and a candidate for the London Assembly, has shared a platform when the English PEGIDA* was announced, and has been asked to resign her candidature because of this. She is still a member.

The anger, annoyance, and general unhappiness with this decision has been boiling over online, see the original report here . Members and supporters are angry and very upset, right down to resigning their membership.

Yes, Islam and Islamification are a huge problem, in the EU but even more so here in our country.

Yes, we must fight this

But let me ask this:

Does anybody really think we can fight islamification while we are still in the EU?


Does anybody think that the establishment, and especially the EU establishment and their henchmen in the national and international MSM, would allow this? Brussels is even now taking on the duly elected conservative government of Poland because they don’t like what that government is doing.

Do you really think they would not do this to us here in the UK if we stay in because we lost the OUT vote?

How, do you think, can we insist on British Law applying to all who live here when we remain in the EU?

Isn’t it obvious that with our small resources our main fight in the next few months has to be to gain the OUT vote?

If we lose that vote, we’ll never secure our borders, we will have to take in ‘EU’ nationals coming from Syria, Morocco, and sub-Saharan Africa. You do know about the camps at Calais and how those ‘inhabitants’ threaten our truck drivers, don’t you!

Do we want to lose the fight for the OUT vote, and any chance we might then have, of fighting against islamification because support for PEGIDA now means infallibly an even worse smear-and-slime campaign in the MSM against UKIP and thus the OUT-Vote?

Have we already forgotten what happened in 2013, 2014, 2015? Have we already forgotten the tons of dirt poured over UKIP, Nigel Farage, and any UKIP candidate anywhere?

Does anybody really think this won’t happen now, or that the MSM would not make use of Ms Water’s support for PEGIDA both during the London assembly elections and during the referendum campaign?

Do we want our candidates, do we want Nigel Farage, do we want our OUT campaigners have to defend themselves day in day out against the MSM smears of being neo-Nazis, as is happening to the German AfD?

We cannot fight on two fronts at the same time.

We must concentrate on the OUT campaign.

If we lose that, not even a hundred UK PEGIDAS will succeed.

* PEGIDA: Patriotische Europaer Gegen Islamification des Abendlandes, i.e. European Patriots against islamification of the occident.

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