Rod Liddle succeeds where most mainstream journalists and political commentators fail. He succeeds in making me laugh. Out loud. His wit, his observations and his intellectual honesty are engagingly wrapped in the most elegant wordsmithery. He also succeeds in giving air to issues avoided by the media: islamisation, political correctness, Labour hypocrisy and the Englishman’s belligerence and freedom of spirit.

In his latest article for the Spectator Rod explains to the hard of thinking why Donald J Trump would be a preferable candidate to Hillary Clinton. He also has a dig at Hillary Clinton, political analysts and at the Guardian and the BBC (red meat to Rod’s fans). His comments are cushioned with a dig at Trump:

“….I don’t like Trump. There seems to be no coherence to his policies. He is boorish, sure. But it is his inarticulacy and apparent stupidity that bothers me more….”

Whilst I did enjoy Rod’s article (I usually do), Rod exhibits in it the very symptoms of the Regressive Left that he so despises and ridicules. Has Rod done his research?

“ coherence to his policies..”

I would ask Rod whether he has read Trump’s address at Gettysburg, for example. Rod clings to his socialist economic delusions, so arguing the point with him on coherence may be an impossible task, but does he even know what Trump’s policies are or what they entail? I suggest the coherence, or apparent lack thereof, is a reaction to ‘not knowing’ on Rod’s part.

But the real stinger (sorry Rod, I do appreciate what you do) is the line

“…his inarticulacy and apparent stupidity that bothers me more…”

Oh boy Rod. Where to start with this one!

I would like to know how many Donald Trump speeches Rod has listened to over the last three weeks, as Trump addresses tens of thousands of people who flock to his rallies which he holds two or three times a day. He is an engaging speaker, and speaks to the people. And the shock for Rod (he hasn’t watched Trump speak to the people) would be how much he is loved. By white Americans. By black Americans. hispanic Americans, gay Americans, Red and Blue Americans, men and women or as right thinking Americans would call all these sub divisions of Americans created by the Liberal Regressives that Rod so despises: Americans.

Yes Rod, that’s the truth. They love him, are enthused by him and are motivated. That is why Trump will win. #LGBT Lets Get Behind Trump, as the ‘Gays for Trump’ say. If you look at what is happening in the States, look beyond the Media corporates, you could see it.

But who is really looking?

I hope Rod reflects on his comments regarding articulacy and stupidity. It seems to me that those so much cleverer than me can often be perceived as stupid. Rod rages against the liberal Intelligentsia and calls them out for their hubris and Teflon coated self-righteousness (rightly, well done Rod!). But really, who sees apparent stupidity in a man who has enthused a nation, fought Democrats, Republicans, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, built buildings, businesses, golf courses and careers and jobs for thousands of men and women, and for whom men and women in their thousands give up a day’s work and travel hundreds of miles, just to assemble with fellow Americans and hear Donald J Trump speak? And he speaks for them! Who sees stupidity in a man who wins, wins and wins again? Please Rod, really!

Can Trump’s intellect and stupidity be seriously judged by an English hack with a wit and a way with words? Think again Rod! Trump ‘articulates’ to the people in their lingo, not that of the Islington Shakespeare Appreciation Society. Trump, stupid? I don’t think so.

This presidential election provides the people of the USA with the stark choice between more of the same – Hillary Clinton; and change from the usual – Donald J Trump. It has been played out in the media, as was the EU Referendum, in an atmosphere of much heat, little light, with a focus on shaping the emotional response of the voters – and the avoidance of informing them.

The Project Veritas investigations into the DNC, the Wikileaks releases of documents from Hillary Clinton’s private server, the information ‘hacked’ by unknown parties have shown to the world the corruption and deceit at the heart of the American political, legal and financial elites. The mainstream media outlets have been anything but proactive in sharing these findings.

Whilst many in UKIP find it difficult to comment on this election without making comments, disparagingly, about Trump’s character, I do not. I like him, I like what and who he represents and I, like Rod, understand that he’s the best result for the UK and its people. But that’s me and the reckoning I have from looking beyond the media corporates.

Hold on Rod. It’s going to be Brexit x 10! Brexit +++! Brexit on steroids!

Yes, think again Rod, with an air of positivity I suggest: Could Donald J Trump make America great again? I would like to think he can.

Donald Trump and Rod Liddle, I like them both, but that’s just me …

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