David Cameron could hardly have got UKIP’s Spring conference in Torquay off to a better start if he had been a paid-up member of our party.

For the two pieces of news that broke the previous day not only justified what UKIP has been saying for years, but left Cameron’s fake pretence of being able to control immigration and his equally bogus claim to be ‘re-negotiating’ Britain’s membership of the EU, exposed for the hollow lies that they are.

By strange coincidence, on the very day that German Chancellor Angela Merkel breezed into Britain for a flying visit to this distant province of her Euro-empire the Office for National Statistics released official figures showing that net migration – the difference between those migrating to the UK and those leaving it – rose by one third to the end of September 2013 to 212,000, compared with 154,000 the previous year.

These shocking statistics give the lie to Cameron’s pledge to cut net immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ by the time of the next General Election. In truth, so long as we remain locked into the EU the floodgates are not only open, they are padlocked in that position and will remain so, and yet another of Dave’s broken promises lies twitching in its death throes.

The overwhelming majority of the new arrivals come from impoverished new EU states like Romania and Bulgaria ( so much for those who sneered at the lack of a surge in Balkan immigrants in January : they were already here!) ; or Mediterranean nations such as Spain, Portugal and Italy,  whose economies have been devastated and young people deprived of a future by their  adoption of the Euro, the currency that only profits Germany and other northern Eurozone states.

With young British people already fighting for hard-to-find jobs, they will now have to compete with an extra 617,000 new arrivals – 440,000 of them from the EU, including 44,000 Italians ( up a scary 66%); 30,000 Portuguese (up 47%);  and 52,000 Spaniards (up 36%).

Scarcely surprising, then, that the aptly named but laughingly titled new ‘Immigration Minister’ James Brokenshire – ( for the formerly Tory shires certainly have been broken by their own party’s policies) – preferred to concentrate on the small fall in non-EU migration, as he well knows that nothing can be done about the rest so long as we remain bolted into the EU.

Meanwhile, inside an increasingly irrelevant Westminster Parliament, Frau Merkel hammered a final nail into the coffin of Cameron’s phoney plans to ‘reform’ the unreformable EU when she told him that anyone hoping for fundamental changes in the corrupt and undemocratic superstate-to-be would be doomed to disappointment.

Dave, who himself only tells the truth by accident, must have been shocked to hear such plain speaking from a fellow politician. No wonder that the sickly smile playing across his flabby features as he heard her looked more than usually phoney.

So in one day, Cameron’s pretend policy of dealing with the two major issues that UKIP has been highlighting : the loss of our sovereignty to Merkel’s EU, and the unlimited influx of inward migration that goes with it, lie on the ground in ruins, never to rise again.

For our pretend Prime Minister, the weak and untrustworthy  David Cameron,  and his pretend non-policies, it will truly never be glad confident morning again.

The lesson to be drawn from this twin debacle for voters  in the European elections this May and the General Election a year later is as clear as day: only UKIP is standing against the slide into disaster presided over by Cameron, and eagerly endorsed by Labour and the LIberal Democrats. Only by voting UKIP can you hope to get your own country back under your control.

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