An e-petition calling for an emergency debate in Parliament over the EU’s ruinous €315 billion spending spree has just been announced

This petition draws close attention to the EU’s plan to spend an additional €315 billion.  Already 200 projects worth up to €64.5 billion have been submitted by Romania, despite the plan only being announced a few days ago, and preparations for longer lists are being drawn up by other Central and East European countries.

This €315 billion will come on top of the EU’s annual €145 billion budget (up by 7% year on year) and does not include the current €4.7 billion short term financing deficit or the current €28 billion of unpaid bills rolled over from 2013 into the EU’s 2014 accounts.

Alas, this will not be the end of it, as only last week Jean-Claude Juncker announced another €1.3 trillion spending ‘wish list’.

The e-petition reads:

More taxpayer’s money at risk of being swallowed by the black hole called the EU; InvestEU and its potential risk to the UK.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has announced a rescue plan for the faltering Eurozone by announcing a €315 billion investment plan to save Europe. It is called InvestEU, and that a major part of the backing comes from Britain. If Mr Juncker’s fund goes bust, the UK will be liable for up to total of €38 billion euros (£30.2 billion).

Parliament must debate whether it is wise that Britain should put so much of our own capital at risk in order to save the Eurozone.

To sign the e-petition, visit the Government’s website.

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