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I posted this today on Facebook:

I’ve examined every ‘Easter’ egg in my local supermarket. Only one has got the word Easter on it and that’s the small Malteaster egg. There are no banners or posters in the store to denote that it is Easter, which is completely the opposite to last year. On asking the cashier why this is, she said: “We are not allowed to because it might offend.” Well all I can say is, in this Christian country I am offended by this. I will not be buying any eggs which don’t have the word Easter on them.

Judging by the comments I received, the vast majority of my regular Facebookers, 100% agreed with this.

I am NOT a Christian though I was baptised (I’m probably best described as agnostic).  I have friends who are deeply spiritual / faith driven (not necessarily Christian), Christian, Hindu, Jewish and others who are the same as I am.  I don’t believe I have any Muslim friends but that’s just because of my personal circumstances and where I live/have lived.

I believe that everyone has the right to practice whatever religion (or not) they choose as long as they do it peacefully and within the law.  And that all religions are on a level playing field in their treatment by ‘the authorities’.

What I object to is the overt pandering to those Islamists who are offended by anyone of any other religion even breathing in their direction.  What I object to is the removal of any reference to our long held Christian traditions because it might offend ‘someone’.  What I object to is the overtly preferential treatment of Muslims in the legal system.  What I object to is the selling of unlabelled halal meat by supermarkets so customers can’t avoid buying it even when they would like to.  What I object to is creeping obliteration of our entire Christian heritage and I cannot begin to tell you how sickened I am to my very core that this is encouraged by this Tory government.

Tolerance is allowing everyone to practice whatever faith they like as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else or get forced down their throats.

There are 2.5 million Muslims in this country, yet it seems that everyone else has to fit in with them. This is not tolerance – it’s appeasement and it has to stop.

If the Muslims don’t like Christianity or any other religions or faiths, then they are welcome to return to any Islamic country where they will be allowed to behead infidels, chop off limbs, stone people, commit FGM and be as offended as they like whenever they so choose.

If they choose to live here, they accept the laws and traditions of this land.  Period.  No quibble.  The end.

The reason it has to stop is because there is now a huge and growing section of society that’s as infuriated with it as I am.  There’s a huge and growing section of society here in the UK that is now saying they will vote for the party that takes a stand and puts all religions back onto a level playing field.

The Tories won’t do it because Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May says Sharia law benefits many people in society.  Under her watch, the unnecessary pandering to Islam has been actively allowed to get out of control.  Labour can’t do it because they sold out to the immigrant vote.  And the stupid soppy Lib Dems will still be maintaining that Islam is a religion of peace despite all the terror attacks, rapes, sex crimes and fire bombing/riots in Europe committed by … yes, Islamists.

There are more and more people saying that the party that deals with the problem of Islam (meaning getting it back under control and putting our Christian heritage first and all other religions on a level playing field) will get their vote.  One thing is for certain, the party that does this will get my vote too.

It’s time to stop pandering, stop appeasing and start dealing with the problem.  Unless someone deals with the problem, the UK will become an Islamic state in the very near future.   Either that or you will have created a civil war.  Whichever happens you can rest assured I will be laughing at you all from somewhere else entirely.

A Lancashire lass

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