Ed Miliband attempted the 10th re-launch or so of his “leadership” today, in front of a hand-picked audience of activists. Ushered in, speech delivered and whisked away before any embarrassing questions, I would guess. The speech is largely reported in the Telegraph, and Dan Hodges, their leftie leader writer, ripped it apart here.

I’d like to just focus on just one collection of consecutive sound-bites from his speech and rip it to shreds myself:

“And above all Britain only succeeds when working people succeed. Basic British values. Security. Hard work rewarded. Vested interests made to work in the public interest. Public services there when you need them. And a country succeeding together, not ripped apart.”

Let’s dissect this sound-bite by sound-bite.

“And above all Britain only succeeds when working people succeed”

Correct, but what contribution has Labour made to that? With their combination of Tax Credits and high benefits payments, there is precious little incentive to rise from being unemployed to low-paid work, thus starting up the ladder to success. Instead, they encouraged the import of cheap overseas labour, either willing to work, or willing to join the queue claiming benefits.

“Basic British values”

What about them? Are they good, or to be despised and destroyed? Methinks that Labour would rather them destroyed.  The mass immigration that they started, and showing few signs abating, is rapidly diluting those values. Never forget that they wanted to “rub our noses in diversity”.


So, do we achieve security by meddling in foreign countries with ill-thought out plans, to introduce unstable governments that are easily defeated by rag-bag collections of Islamic fighters, or do we take a more sanguine approach to ensuring security of the homeland and our key overseas interests. On that, Labour failed again, by ensuring that we have a lot of potential terrorists resident in the country, and protected from prosecution by Human Rights Laws that favour criminals and minorities, rather than the law-abiding majority.

“Hard work rewarded”

It seems that the only reward that Labour has heaped on hard work in the past, and plans for the future, is more tax. Work hard, earn more, but see vast chunks stolen by the government as your entitlements to once universal benefits evaporate, and your tax rate climbs.

“Vested interests made to work in the public interest”

Labour certainly have no honourable track record here. All they do is reward their “clients”, those most certain to vote for them: public sector workers with more jobs and better financial reward that outstrips the private sectors’. They have also rewarded big business, crony capitalism, while hammering SMEs with more regulation. They proposes no concrete measures where they might change either stance, other than a vague bashing of the banks.

“Public services there when you need them”

A laudable aim, yes. But how could Labour, the party of tax and spend,  deliver on that, without massive hikes of taxation which would  drive both business and high earners away from Britain? Public services are being stretched. There is no new money available to expand them, in many areas budgets are being cut, yet the population keeps advancing upwards, placing increasing loads on hospitals, GPs, schools, police, prisons, roads and much more. Ah, perhaps some more borrowing could be secretly arranged, like some more PFIs at crippling effective interest rates?

“And a country succeeding together, not ripped apart”

Taking all the above together, it is obvious that Labour’s smoke and mirrors strategy worked for a while between 1997 and 2010. There was n world economic boom they rode on the crest of, and the full effects of mass immigration were not fully noticed. Then came the crash of 2008, then the truth beginning to emerge about the failures in Iraq and other overseas wars, and over-stretch of public services. Labour keep blaming the Tories for the last 4 years, and they have done little to exacerbate the problems, but Labour were the architects of the declining and ripped apart nation that we see today.


Thank goodness that the way the numbers are panning out for May 2015, with SNP taking seats from Labour in Scotland, UKIP taking seats from the Tories and Labour in England and Wales, that the likelihood of Miliband having  an overall majority to rule without challenge is highly unlikely.

Let his failures over the next 6 months be rewarded by UKIP winning yet more Labour seats on 7 May.

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