There’s not much that astonishes me when it comes to our MSM reporting on issues relating to the Brexit Referendum campaign. But the latest report – or rather non-report – surely takes the proverbial!

This is the evidence:

On Easter Sunday the Sunday Telegraph reported how 40% of the Electoral Commissioners were staunch Remainers. For once, the usually nameless ‘great and good’ names and photos were published – read the whole thing here. Usually, our other papers pick such revelations up and write about it, usually on the same or next day. This time one paper picked it up. One! That was the Shropshire Star…and Breitbart London picked this story up one day later. Any other paper, BBC, SKY, ITN: nothing. Not one reference. Not one!

Did all our national papers think this was an April-Fool-article? Did they think Ms Priti Patel who was quoted in the Telegraph’s and the other two articles was indulging in fooling the Nation and the MSM? Perhaps all their political editors were on Easter Holidays, and then decided, when back in the harness, that this was a yawn-inducing non-story so they just dropped the dead donkey? Well, I’m afraid to me this sudden non-story, this blanket of silence points to something more sinister.

First, there’s the undoubted bias in the MSM against Brexit. No more proof needed for that. Then there are the attempts, from former PMs, Lords and MPs down to professional organisations and of course the MSM, to make Brexit go away or at least get a second referendum. So while they’ve been lapping up the allegations that a computer programme was used by Vote Leave, Leave.EU and BeLeave to make us peasants, uneducated as we are, vote for Brexit. Oh, and Putin did so as well, of course.

By the way, since my memory is still in good working order, I recall perfectly well how the Remainers labelled us all thick, old and too stupid to even use a computer. How we then could’ve been influenced by computer analyses and ‘fake’ news to vote for Brexit is beyond me. It’s equally beyond me how all the clever young Remain voters who populate Facebook and social media and who voted remain were not influenced by those ‘Cambridge Analytica’ programmes… too clever? Or was that programme, as many Leave organisers have declared, not even used?

Be that as it may: this whole saga has of course been lapped up by the Remainer MSM. And of course, every single instance of ElCom’s ‘investigation’ into alleged misuse of finances by any Brexit organisation has been splashed across the front pages. An unsuspecting reader might have gained the impression that all Leave organisations were throwing millions of £££ around to make us dumb chicks vote Leave whereas the Remain side, pure as the driven snow, played strictly to the rules. But this report, on Remain bias of Electoral Commissioners in the ‘unbiased’ Electoral commission, which has sunk without a trace, shines a light on what is really going on: the thwarting of Brexit by any and all means.

If any of you were expecting a similar scrutiny of the Remain camp finances: forget it. The report in the DT shows clearly why that isn’t going to happen. The silence of the MSM on this Remain bias in ElCom shows that the metropolitan remainers in the Westminster bubble have the power to suppress inconvenient news. After all, the ‘Great and Good’ who populate ElCom and the upper reaches of Whitehall and the MSM are of one mind: Brexit must be scuppered at all cost, so such blatant bias is neither here nor there, as far as they are concerned.

Of course, many may still think this report was just an April-Fool joke. However, I would respectfully suggest that by today, on April 4th, there would surely have been a press release from Ms Priti Patel MP about the Telegraph having taken her name in vain. There would surely have been some sort of retraction in the DT, some explanation that this was a joke. There would surely have been an article in the Times or the BBC about the unsuitability of making an April Fool joke on such an important issue. Instead we have silence.

Being a cynical observer of the MSM and of how they operate, I offer a different scenario. This whole episode reminds me of nothing so much as of the old days when Whitehall and 10 Downing Street issued D-Notices (now called DSMA Notices, see this article) which actually gagged news editors who in those days were told not to report on certain news issues for the security of the realm. In other words: any news items, anything at all which is liable to make the Remain camp look bad must not be reported, whereas anything to discredit the Leave camp must be shouted from the rooftops. It’s as if the whole establishment is secretly working towards having a second referendum, to scupper our Brexit vote, allowing a few fools like Ms Patel, Mr Rees-Mogg and Mr Farage to talk about Brexit so as to indicate that there is of course no bias.

Fanciful? You might very well think so …


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