UKIP activists are up to their armpits in the election campaign, so apologies if this is a brief news roundup.

Daily Telegraph

Exclusive: Michael Gove says ‘no deal’ with Ukip after election (Also in The Guardian)

Labour top brass face losing seats to SNP

The Guardian

Tories ‘increasingly panic-stricken’, says Ed Miliband adviser

Labour targets exploitation of migrant workers with new investigative unit

The Independent

General Election 2015: David Cameron catching up in polls – but he badly needs a clear lead

As a draw looms, Tories and Labour try to address their big weakness (But neither are addressing the elephant in the room – uncontrolled mass immigration)

Daily Mail

Sturgeon holds Britain to ransom: You wanted us in Union, now we’ll vote on your NHS, SNP leader taunts English voters

Beware this very sinister brand of Left-wing populism: Dominic Sandbrook on why TV debate group huddle peddles message of class resentment

The Express

Victory for Ukip: BBC backs down and gives Farage his own TV show after debate fix row

EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage vows Ukip will be ‘major party by 2020’

The Mirror

Is Ukip’s Douglas Carswell being lured back to the Tories?


‘Kill All Men’: Lib Dem Activist in Hate Speech Scandal

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