Their headline is: Election debate 2015: Miliband flops as SNP and Ukip secure shock victory

General Election 2015 leaders’ debate dominated by intense exchanges over the NHS and immigration – but polls split over performance as Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage come out on top. Ed Miliband failed to break through in the television election debate as the minority parties emerged as the winners of the contest.

David Cameron finished the debate as voters’ overwhelming choice to lead the country after the election, a snap poll found, despite strong performances from the SNP and Ukip leaders. The Prime Minister kept himself above the fray as he urged voters not to send the UK back to “square one” by electing Mr Miliband.

A YouGov survey found that Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish National Party leader, was the victor in the debate, with 28 per cent of the public vote. Nigel Farage came second with 20 per cent as he won plaudits for attacking Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband over immigration and their plans for the economy.

Election Debate - Telegraph - Readers

(Telegraph reader’s poll)


Predictably, the Guardian is able to say: Ed Miliband narrowly beats David Cameron in snap poll after leaders’ debate

Guardian/ICM post-debate poll shows Miliband winning by a whisker over Conservative leader – by 25% to 24% – Ukip’s Nigel Farage came third on 19%, the Scottish National party leader Nicola Sturgeon was fourth on 17%, pushing Clegg into fifth place.

An always tense, sometimes disjointed and occasionally cacophonous seven-way live TV leaders debate saw Ed Miliband just shave ahead of his rivals, according to a snap Guardian/ICM poll conducted after the event.

Labour, aware of Miliband’s poor personal ratings before the campaign, will be pleased he was at least matching the normally more popular David Cameron, according to ICM and the three other post-debate polls.

Election Debate - Guardian - Averages


Trying to be all things to all men, The Independent says “An end to the Coalition: Cameron and Clegg clash as Farage causes controversy – and there’s a surprise winner of seven-way leaders’ debate

The Coalition came to an acrimonious end as David Cameron and Nick Clegg clashed in a leaders’ TV debate which gave Britain a glimpse of the multi-party future that may follow next month’s general election.

After a two-hour debate on ITV involving seven party leaders, pollsters YouGov declared Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader, the victor with 28 per cent. Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, came second on 20 per cent, ahead of Mr Cameron on 18 per cent. Ed Miliband was fourth on 15 per cent, followed by Mr Clegg (10 per cent), Natalie Bennett of the Greens (5 per cent) and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood (4 per cent).

Election Debate - Independent - Nigel and Ed

(Editor: Poor titling, we’d say. Ed looks like he’s attacking, while Nigel looks more reasoned)








Daily Mail

The Mail verdict: Cameron dodges a bullet: PM escapes unscathed as 40% still think he is best choice to lead the country while Miliband falls flat and is overshadowed by Sturgeon and Farage in marathon TV debate

  • Poll of polls suggests Cameron narrowly beat Miliband, who hoped to use debate to catapult himself into No.10
  • Labour leader challenged to apologise for crashing the economy and failed to land serious blows on Tory PM
  • SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon emerges as a big winner, which could deprive Labour of dozens of seats in Scotland
  • Nigel Farage sparks outrage with attack on migrants with HIV as Leanne Wood accuses him of ‘scaremongering’
  • Historic first seven-way debate is only time Cameron and Miliband will appear together before election on May 7
  • Cameron interrupted by heckler Victoria Prosser, 33, who said she wanted to challenge the ‘1 per cent at the top’

The Mail has a handy summary of the numbers:

Election Debate - Mail - All Polls


They show support for us with “Leaders’ debate: David Cameron emerges unscathed …but YOU say Nigel Farage won

DAVID Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon led the polls today after a mammoth TV debate by the seven party leaders last night which left Ed Miliband in the dark.

But a poll of Express readers following our liveblog revealed that Ukip leader Nigel Farage came top with 65 per cent of the vote – compared to just 15 per cent for David Cameron and 7 per cent for Ed Miliband.

But in official polls, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron fell just short of the SNP leader, while Ed Miliband floundered in third place and Nigel Farage hung onto fourth.

The night’s big losers were the Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru and the Greens, who featured bottom of all three post-debate snap polls despite hopes that the event would hand the smaller parties valuable publicity in the run-up to May 7.


A predictable headline from them too: Miliband riding high after narrow victory in the TV leaders debates as Cameron is hit for six

Ed Miliband was riding high last night after scoring a narrow victory in the TV debates which saw David Cameron hit for six. The Labour leader took a step closer to No 10 after holding his own in the heated TV showdown with the six other main party leaders.

A snap ICM survey for the Guardian declared the Labour leader the winner with 25%, with David Cameron 24%, UKIP’s Nigel Farage 19%, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon 17%, Lib Dem Nick Clegg 9%, Green leader Natalie Bennett 3% and Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood 2%.

A Survation poll for the Daily Mirror shared the honours with 25% declaring both Mr Miliband and Mr Cameron the victors, with Farage on 24%, Clegg 6%, Sturgeon 15%, Bennett 3% and Wood 2%.

A lackluster performance by the Prime Minister saw him pummelled as Mr Clegg joined forced with Mr Miliband to attack the Tories on the NHS, education and the economy. And in a major blunder, Mr Cameron at one point brushed aside people on temporary work by saying: “Never mind zero hours.”

And here’s what the Mirror’s online readers think:

Election Debate - Mirror - Readers Poll


And to leave you with a more upbeat assessment, Breitbart says: “Farage stands apart on Health, Europe and Immigration in Leaders’ Debate

Manchester, England – Nigel Farage called for an end to consensus politics on Europe, immigration and the NHS in the historic seven-way 2015 leaders’ debate. The UKIP leader shocked many when he complained that foreign HIV sufferers were able to claim treatment on the NHS because the UK lacks policies on Europe and immigration.

At the half way point Farage was deemed the winner by polling company Comres. Later polls put him in a dead heat with Cameron and Miliband. He began the debate by claiming that the six other leaders all agreed on the major issues and that UKIP wanted to stand up for ordinary people who had been forgotten.


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