Daily Telegraph

The Torygraph tries its best to denigrate and sideline UKIP:

William Hague pledges income tax rate just for England to take power away from Scots. Seems like a fine plan to divide the Union even more.

Ed Miliband must stop sneering at Britain’s wealth creators, says former Labour minister.  LibLabCon have to stop sneering at Britain’s workers.

Why’s everything suddenly going wrong for Ukip? In answer to author Tim Stanley, we say, how come Nigel’s got a 9 point lead over the Tories in Thanet South on 39%? The cowards at the Torygraph won’t allow comments on this article, too.

Would Nigel Farage even let St George into England? Then how come in a poll on the Stanley article (above) that 84% of people support UKIP’s idea?


Cameron to unveil plans for England-only income tax from 2016. It says:

“PM’s new manifesto set to underline Tories’ determination to squeeze ‘weakening’ of Ukip voters’ resolve in the south of England”.

Where are all these new manifesto pledges coming from, and the Thanet poll confirms UKIP voters’ resolve is NOT weakening.

Ed Miliband: small-minded isolationism has damaged British influence. We say small-minded LibLabCon thinking has isolated us to Europe. Out into the world, we say!

Under Ukip, St George’s flag makers will be the new brain surgeons by Marina Hyde. A pathetic argument from this paid leftie troll to suggest St George (a 3rd Century Palestinian) wouldn’t be allowed into Britain by UKIP!

The Independent

The sickening truth about food banks that the Tories don’t want you to know.  The article confirms what we know – that Cameron’s economic “boom” is a myth, only those at the top benefitting and those who arrive here from poorer parts of Europe.

General Election 2015: Minority government led by Labour or Tories would cost average homeowner £800 a year, Lib Dems claim. So what have the Lib Dems cost us? They have certainly cost our brighter young people a small fortune in tuition fees.

Daily Mail

Miliband will bring back uncontrolled migration: After Mail urges him to speak out, PM’s stark warning. But so will the Tories, they don’t get it, anyone voting LibLabCon doesn’t get it, they cannot control immigration within the EU.

Tories take four-point lead… but one in five are still undecided: Conservative surge sees them take highest share of the vote in two years while Lib Dem numbers continue to drop. Another fantasy poll from the mainstream media. UKIP activists know the truth at street level.

Naked woman who opened her door to Nigel: On St George’s Day, ROBERT HARDMAN joins the very frisky Ukip leader as he battles for his political life. Battling so hard he’s got a 9-point lead in Thanet South? Give it a rest Daily Mail.

Daily Express

Now, here’s some refreshing news from a paper that’s broken away from the mainstream:

Nigel Farage on target to win: Poll puts him NINE points ahead of Tory rival.

Only the Tories will stop uncontrolled immigration, claims David Cameron. The article contains the inconvenient facts that will mean this is a worthless pledge:

Mr Cameron’s comments come after a survey revealed that just 12% of voters are satisfied with the Tories’ handling of immigration. And 94% of Ukip supporters who voted Conservative in 2010 are dissatisfied.

Daily Mirror

Revealed – Samantha Cameron’s Tory ancestor won voters by buying them beer, tobacco and food. And now her hubby buys votes with our grandchildren’s money.

Nigel Farage used to go skinny dipping in the English Channel and it was ‘very cold’. Never mind UKIP’s policies, let’s talk about trivia instead.


Let’s end on a UKIP-supporting journal’s assessment of the phenomenal bias of the Evan Davis interview with Nigel:

Ten Reasons why Evan Davis’s BBC interview with Nigel Farage was The Worst Thing Ever. Let’s go stick it to the BBC this election. We hope they choke on their swingometer.

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