Counting is ongoing for the multiple elections held all around the UK yesterday. In results already in, Labour has not done as badly as predicted in the English local elections, but still lost ground — one of the worst ever results for an opposition party. The party fared even worse in Scotland, a country they once dominated, slipping to third place behind the Conservatives. Meanwhile, UKIP has broken through in the Welsh Assembly, winning its first representation on the body. Later today, we expect the result for London, where Sadiq Khan could become the capital’s first Muslim mayor.

ITV News
Nicola Sturgeon declared the SNP has “made history” by winning a third term in government at Holyrood but the party failed to reach a majority. The Scottish Conservatives had their best ever result, securing 31 MSPs, while Labour suffered its worst result since devolution with 24 MSPs.

BBC News
Labour has fallen short of a majority in the Welsh Assembly as UKIP wins its first Senedd seats with all results in. Former Tory MPs Neil Hamilton and Mark Reckless were among seven UKIP AMs elected via the regional lists. Labour remains the largest party with 29 of the 60 seats in Cardiff Bay, and suffered the shock loss of Leighton Andrews to Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood in Rhondda. Plaid won 12 seats, the Conservatives 11, and the Lib Dems one. Labour’s UK leader Jeremy Corbyn said he wanted to “congratulate the Labour Party in Wales for its excellent results”.

Sky News
Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to “re-establish” Labour in Scotland after the party recorded its worst result there since 1910. The party won just 24 Holyrood seats and were overtaken by the Conservatives, who became the official opposition with a record 31 seats – a result described by David Cameron as “absolutely stunning”.

Daily Express
UKIP made an historic breakthrough in Wales last night as the anti-EU party clinched their first ever seats in the Welsh Assembly. With counting still ongoing this morning, Ukip has so far won six seats in the Cardiff Senedd. The result heralds a return to elected office for controversial ex-Tory MP Neil Hamilton. Labour appeared set to cling to power in Wales with 29 seats – ensuring their leader Carwyn Jones will be returning as First Minister – but the party suffered the shock loss of the Rhondda constituency to Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood.

BBC News
The SNP have won what Nicola Sturgeon called an “historic” third victory in Scottish Parliament elections – but do not have enough seats for a majority. Labour was pushed into third by the resurgent Scottish Tories with the Greens beating the Lib Dems into fifth. After Labour held most of its ground in Welsh Assembly and English council polls, Jeremy Corbyn said it had “hung on” and “grown support” in some areas. UKIP has won seven Welsh Assembly seats on a good night for the party. With all the results now declared in Scotland, the SNP is the largest party with 63 seats, ahead of the Conservatives on 31 and Labour on 24.

Daily Express
LABOUR has held onto two seats in the House of Commons after by-elections in Yorkshire and Wales. Councillor Gill Furniss picked up 42 per cent of the vote in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, in a by-election triggered by her husband’s death. Ukip candidate Steven Winstone secured second place holding off Tory and Liberal Democrat candidates. Labour’s Chris Elmore was victorious in Ogmore, south Wales, with the Eurosceptic party again finishing second.

Daily Mirror
The SNP have lost overall control of the Scottish Parliament, after the Tories made major gains. Nicola Sturgeon’s party fell two seats short of an overall majority, meaning a coalition of the Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and Greens could defeat them in votes. With all 129 seats reported, Labour have slipped behind the Tories in Scotland for the first time in an annihilation north of the border. The party lost 13 constituency seats in the Scottish Parliament last night and won just three – leaving the Conservative Party as the official opposition in Holyrood.

Independent – Harry Lambert
Jeremy Corbyn has declared victory as today’s local election results continue to come in, saying in Sheffield this morning that Labour has “hung on.” Perhaps fearing that struck too pessimistic a note, he added “and we grew support in a lot of places.” That’s a rich interpretation. The party has lost 29 councillors across England, or 3 per cent of those up for election in results announced so far. That’s not bad – but “those up for election” is the catch: only a fraction of English councils and councilors were up for election today.

Daily Mail
Senior Tories have hit out at Zac Goldsmith for running an ‘outrageous’ anti-Muslim campaign as an election day poll handed Sadiq Khan a huge 14-point lead in the London mayoral vote. Andrew Boff, the Conservative leader on the Greater London assembly, said Mr Goldsmith’s strategy to attack Mr Khan for his links to Muslim ‘extremists’ in the race to replace Boris Johnson in City Hall was a mistake. And in a remarkable broadside on the Tory mayoral candidate, Mr Boff said his party’s tactics could damage relations with the Muslim community.

Daily Mirror
Disgraced ex-MP Neil Hamilton has crashed back into elected office as a UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly . He won one of six seats in Wales that have gone purple thanks to the Regional Top-Up list-based system. But speaking ahead of finding out he had won a place in the Senedd on the Mid & West Wales list, Mr Hamilton had to be helped out with his Welsh factor by wife Christine.

Daily Mail
Jeremy Corbyn has insisted Labour ‘hung on’ in his first electoral test despite disastrous results that saw the party lose council seats in England and put to the sword by the SNP and Tories in Scotland. The defiant claim came as moderates queued up to condemn the leader, saying the lack of progress south of the border and worst showing in Scotland for more than a century was evidence it could not mount a realistic challenge at the next general election.

The Times
Jeremy Corbyn should breathe a small sigh of relief this morning that Labour has hung on to most of its vulnerable councils and is unlikely to lose more than 50 or 60 seats. The performance is still far worse than that of any opposition party in the last 30 years, except for general election years, but Labour has crucially held councils in the south that many experts thought it would lose, including Crawley, Exeter and Southampton.

The Telegraph – Tom Harris
At 1.36 this morning, the Shadow Defence Secretary, Emily “Ban The Bomb” Thornberry MP, told the BBC News Channel that Nuneaton had been a “good result for Labour”. I was immediately intrigued and decided to look at the result that had so enthused her. Labour had retained control of the council but had lost three seats. Lost. Three seats. “A good result.

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