You might think that’s a stupid question to ask – of course elections matter because it’s the only way we, the sovereign, can make ourselves heard!

But let’s look at the facts, in view of the Dutch election results yesterday. To the triumphal crowing of the Dutch establishment, accompanied by the jubilant comments from the international MSM, Geert Wilders and his Party PPV ‘only’ got 19 seats, therefore ‘the Dutch people rejected his policies’ and brave Rutte ‘won’.

The prospective distribution of seats in the Dutch Parliament is very interesting, take a look here – it’s a nice colourful graph. Mr Rutte’s party got 32 seats – all other parties together got 96 seats, three times as many as Mr Rutte. However, the Dutch system is complicated. It demands that the largest Party must now go into talks about a coalition with the next-largest parties. Only those of us who read the alt-media know that Mr Rutte and the leaders of the other establishment parties made it clear in the run-up to these elections that they would never ever go into a coalition with Geert Wilders’ PVV. After all, he is an ‘extreme right-wing populist’ and against the poor muslims living in the Netherlands. Oh, and he’s against Brussels as well. Therefore, the votes of all who voted for him can be disregarded.

This is not a new phenomenon, nor is it new that governments on the Continent, where they generally do not have our FPTP system, always end up as coalition governments. Mrs Merkel and her party have been in various coalitions, e.g. with the German Libdems and now with the German Labour Party.

It is also not new that establishment parties have ganged up to exclude a new party whom they and their MSM have labelled as “ultra-far-right extreme populist” party. The Sweden Democrats are such a Party. They held the balance of power after the Swedish 2014 elections – but the Swedish establishment parties decided to form a big, anti-Sweden-Democrats block, freezing them out.

That is also happening in Germany. The AfD, while not yet represented in the German Bundestag, is represented in the various parliaments of the ‘Länder’ which are the constituents of the Federal German Republic. The establishment parties in those Länder parliaments also refused to work with the AfD representatives.

These parties have been labelled by their local and by the International MSM as “extreme, right wing, anti-immigration, anti-EU populist” parties. When readers pointed out, repeatedly, that all politicians and all parties are by necessity ‘populist’, we were told that there’s a ‘right kind of populism’ and a ‘wrong sort of populism’. Of course, being anti-immigration and anti-EU is wrong, beyond the pale, shameful.

The voices of those who vote for such parties can therefore be dismissed by their countries’ establishment, the reasons why people vote for these parties is irrelevant. Thus changes in national policies are prevented from being introduced. Thus events in the towns and cities start to run out of control, but that isn’t reported. Furthermore – should citizens in despair try to get control back by organising themselves into groups patrolling streets, they are immediately defamed as ‘vigilantes’ (that’s bad, innit), as racists, as even further to the right than the Nazis.

Strangely enough, those who are so vehemently opposed to such groups, and whose representatives in government and media are doing nothing at all to alleviate the problems leading to the formation of such groups, are quiet as mice when ‘immigrant’ groups form their own ‘patrols’ to enforce sharia law in the districts (a.k.a. ghettos) they live in.

It is also apparently irrelevant to the establishment in those countries that the Police – be it in Sweden, be it in Germany, be it in France – have lost control over areas inhabited by a certain group of people. They deny that this is the case even though news reports which cannot be suppressed (hand grenades going off regularly in certain districts, for example …) show the opposite. We’ve now become used to the fact that any bloody acts involving axes, knives, machetes are reported describing the criminal as a mentally ill person, origin unknown

While an infamous propagandist in the last century maintained that even the biggest lie will be believed if repeated often enough, the fact that these allegedly ‘racist, extreme ultra right wing populist’ parties are on the rise in Europe show that statement to be wrong and that Abraham Lincoln was right when he said that

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

As the Dutch election result shows, as the previous election results in Sweden and Germany show: voters are not fooled, but the establishment disregards their votes. When voters see that their votes count for nothing, when they see that they are being marginalised after and smeared before elections, they can do two things: they can become apathetic, no longer participating in elections, or they can start taking things into their own hands.

Thus the folly of the establishment parties who freeze out a legal party and their voters by refusing to work with them will inevitably lead to the one thing they try to prevent: people taking the law into their own hands, leading to the breakdown of civic society.

We’ve started a debate on UKIP Daily – here and here. The Dutch election results, combined with the refusal to work with Geert Wilders, show that this debate is urgent. Events in Sweden and Germany (just check out Breitbart for daily reports) show the folly of avoiding this debate.

Since elections apparently don’t matter to the establishment, and since debate is suppressed not just in public but inside political parties – how long will it be before we see our societal consensus break down, how long until we see events taking over, leading to civil war in our towns and cities?

It may take just one ‘hot summer’ … and then it will be too late.


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