Is it possible in one minute (or better in the first 20 seconds) to explain why UKIP is much better than the others, especially the Establishment parties?  This is not delivering sound bites or spin, but rather about quickly identifying UKIP’s unique offering (sometimes called USPs or unique selling propositions) and presenting in eye-catching memorable, factual, short phrases that can be expanded with more detail, if asked.  This is at the apex of a pyramid, with increasing detail, talking about policies, people, current affairs etc., if you drill down.  Bits could, perhaps, be slipped in during canvassing, which inherently is much more interactive than a short sales pitch.

An elevator pitch could also in a similar way be an opportunity to highlight what is really wrong about the other parties;  to identify their unique and common failed propositions (FPs) including perhaps their follies, blunders and track records.

This could be how I would approach trying to deliver a short pitch (text in brackets used if there is sufficient time or interest):

  • We are a People’s Party, at the heart of which is Valuing and Empowering You (The People) for a better future for all.
  • UKIP Begins with You – Everything we say, everything we do.
  • We believe in your right to freedom; freedom of life, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom from fear and freedom from want.And yourright to honest, prudent, competent and fair government.
  • UKIP create an empowering culture – you are in control under the rule of law.
  • Other parties – Create a dependency culture – you must depend upon them.

(Crony Conservatism – rule of the privileged few, by the few, for the few; like all monopolies they exploit and rob us.

Serfdom Socialism – Control freaks, need you to keep them in the manner to which they wish to be accustomed; generous users of your money (if you have any left).

The Illiberal and Undemocratic Party– Love everything about the EU, not you, happy to abolish our democracy, country and values.

Mean Greens – Disguised Serfdom Socialists – promoting control freak poverty for all with ‘green’ veneer.

The future possibilities are endless once the government gets off our backs, values us, treats us as equals, works with us and leaves us alone to do what we can do best ourselves.

Would you like to know more or help to make a difference?


Observations on Elevator Pitches

Who is the audience, likely wishes, hopes and fears?

This sort of pitch provides a useful snapshot into UKIP and the other parties for when the listener gets greater detail; it helps him or her to understand and see how they are being deceived, manipulated and exploited.

What do you want out of the encounter? The listener to get excited, tell their friends, attend a public meeting, join the party, Vote UKIP or something else?

The test is if it is memorable, and gets a positive response.

What papers or contact details will you leave behind?

And for the argumentative customer:

Can I present to you a simple check – does this (policy, statement etc.) empower you (or your children) or make you dependent on the politicians and their cronies? Are you independent or dependent?

Possible extra or alternative words:

UKIP is a patriotic party that promotes independence: from the EU, and from government interference. We believe in free trade, lower taxes, personal freedom and responsibility.

UKIP stands for government of the People, by the People, for the People. At our core is a strong commitment to Liberty, Democracy, Social Justice and Prosperity. Dear to us are respect for people, our laws and freedoms, our country, our shared heritage and our democracy.







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