A Political Philosophy and Socio-Economic Model for Today and Tomorrow

No Establishment politician appears to have advocated the theme of ‘empowering’ good, honest, industrious people enabling us to achieve things ourselves. This is building on our best traditional qualities, including: honesty, humanity, tolerance, fairness, self-sacrifice, innovativeness and industry. Quite the reverse is often visible as identikit politicians meddle, muddle and take, coming across as shallow, shambolic and deceitful; any initiatives with a modicum of empowerment lack conviction and soon fizzle out, whilst their ‘bright ideas’ often come with a cruel or nasty downside.

Empowering People is a simple enough concept that can be taken up in many different, empowering ways by individuals, communities, organisations and society. It can form a dimension in a wide range policies and as a facilitator for achieving social and economic progress.  And it fits in very well with UKIP’s ethos, perhaps it sums up much of this ethos.  Where associated with improving the human condition, as it should usually be, it becomes compassionate empowerment.

Liberty, democracy, social justice and prosperity are manifestations of compassionate empowerment, and the more empowered people are, the more these people will flourish.  Conversely the more a ruling Establishment gathers to itself power, wealth and resources, the more ordinary people will become disempowered, manipulated and abused.   Today good, honest, hard working people are being disempowered and burdened through excessive taxation, borrowing, regulation, wage compression, high living costs, destruction of wealth, heritage and culture as our country increasingly becomes a low wage, low productivity, and low skill economy within a homogenised European Union State.

Yet, the modern world is emerging as the world of the empowered individual mainly thanks to technology and science both in what they make available and its cost; however, the rule of Westminster and Brussels is increasingly out of touch and autocratic.  The Internet, in particular, is changing working, commercial and social relationships enabling persons, communities and organisations to interact in new ways. In my own small company, we see the world as our marketplace, people as colleagues and customers as partners in adding value; empowerment is both necessary and ethical.  To prosper in the modern world people must be empowered individually with what we will need, be it for example, personal freedom, skills, education, peaceful law abiding environment, value-adding networks, low taxes, dignity and a voice that is respectfully heard.

Empowering People provides a versatile tool for setting a general or underlying direction, identifying problems, analysis and developing appropriate joined-up solutions across a wide range of political, social and economic problems; something today’s politicians seem unable or unwilling to tackle.  It provides a yardstick or standard for measuring, monitoring and correcting performance, not least what we expect from government. It allows for asking questions, typically, ‘do you feel under-empowered and why’, or ‘what do you need to enable you to earn more or have a better quality of life?’ It has a common, easily understood, language facilitating effective communication, especially of ideas.  Expertise and solutions in one area can, theoretically, be transposed elsewhere.

Intuitively Empowering People feels right, resonates with experience and is scalable to tackle complex, rapidly changing situations.  And it forms the basis for working together to achieve better results individually, in organisations, in communities and in society.  Empowerment leads to activities being better, getting performed more efficiently and socially responsibly, work being more fulfilling, and people having improved qualities of life.  Perhaps the ultimate example of Empowering People is a partnership of equals between government and us, for the benefit of everyone

Empowerment is inherently self-improving, empowered people then move forward to become more empowered, and  inherently self-correcting if corrupted by the unscrupulous or malicious; empowered people will soon detect and correct such attempts because they’re empowered.

Empowering People is in keeping with the times, builds on what is best in us, and, as far as we can predict, is future-proof.  The General Election of 2015 could become a straight contest between Dave’s, Nick’s and Ed’s shambolic servitude to the crony corporatist ruling Establishment or UKIP’s Empowering People; between a worsening status quo or the empowering of Liberty, Democracy, Justice and Prosperity.

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