We’ve been here before. When the Labour Conference decided to oppose EEC membership (I was there!), German Intelligence set up the SDP. It was led by the German agent Roy Jenkins, who smashed our military aircraft industry in the 1960s with his outrageous decision, taken in conjunction with the weak Denis Healey, to scrap the promising TSR2 supersonic bomber. Discounting the Harrier, which was a derivative of the existing Kestrel, there hasn’t been an all-British combat aircraft since.

For those who don’t know about Jenkins, he worked for the Abwehr in World War II, penetrating Bletchley Park. He was spotted and moved to a less sensitive hut, but protected from prosecution by German assets in MI5, including Victor Rothschild, the Cabinet Office and the DPP’s office. The late Lt-Col Harry Beckhough MBE, whom many will recall with fondness, played a key role in the exposure of Jenkins. Harry would doubtless have preferred to have seen Jenkins shot, as he should have been, indeed it was a national tragedy that he wasn’t.

The sudden emergence of a pro-EU centrist party in France in mid-2016, when Marine Le Pen looked like winning this year’s 2017 presidential election, should have taken no one by surprise. It’s a standard German intelligence tactic. They do the funding offshore, using high-yield Medium Term Note trading programmes.

The French media are no more economically literate than ours. There’s more money sloshing around offshore than there is onshore, yet they obsess with what’s happening onshore. I use the word obsess advisedly. They’re like jihadists looking forward to sh***ing their promised 72 virgins without once stopping to ask themselves what they’re going to sh*g them with once they’ve blown their willy off.

Nobody in the media has audited En Marche’s funding. The idea that the pro-EU French bureaucracy would seriously enforce French electoral law against a pro-EU party only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent.

Marine was right with respect to say that whoever won the French election the outcome was going to be a woman in charge. In voting for Macron the French electorate have put Angela Merkel firmly in charge of France. It was almost inevitable that Macron’s first call as president-elect would be to Frau Merkel. Cynics would no doubt assert that he was ringing for instructions!  

Macron will run France as a German client-state. The good news is that he won’t solve any of France’s problems, which gives the country a real chance after 2022, with Marine as president. That’s assuming that the German black agency in Paris doesn’t have her assassinated.

France’s counter-intelligence apparatus is even weaker than ours. The Abwehr operation in Paris was not dismantled in 1944; it merely went underground, having had a year’s warning. Admiral Canaris knew that Germany was defeated after the great Russian victory at the Battle of the Kursk Salient and the collapse of the Kriegsmarine’s U-Boat campaign.

This black German agency, part of the DVD, was able to organise terrorist campaigns in Algiers and metropolitan France and install Major-General De Gaulle as president. One of the most critical facts about post-war France is that De Gaulle was gay. He was blackmailed by the Abwehr and in turn the DVD throughout the whole of his life. One of his early lovers was a Jesuit priest and our community partner the Hun probably got the intelligence from the Jesuits, with whom they had a close working relationship. (Gavrilo Princip was a Jesuit asset, don’t forget.)

The Fifth Republic was essentially a German construct. Their intent was to recreate Vichy and in this they were successful. France has been in the German orbit since 1958.

There is no hope for the French unless they improve their counter-intelligence. They have been out-manoeuvred by German Intelligence for over a century. It is always a huge mistake not to put at least some of your brightest brains into counter-intelligence.

France is not alone in this of course – MI5 were very weak for years. Their last director, Jonathan Evans, whilst a nice chap with respect, was hardly the sharpest knife in the box. The American FBI has been next to useless. Jerry has run rings around them since the bureau was set up, starting with the Abwehr’s kidnap and murder of the Lindbergh baby. The FBI and its predecessor didn’t even get close to the truth and when J. Edgar Hoover eventually worked it out he was blackmailed into silence by the DVD over the fact that he was a transvestite, albeit a nice one. (Shame about the lack of a matching handbag however – J. Edgar’s choice of accessories let him down.)

Modern France cannot be explained without understanding the effect of the success of German Secret Service’s cunning plan to bleed the French army dry at Verdun. The French tactics in the Battle of Verdun were ridiculous of course, but that was the whole point.

Marshal Pétain was also gay, indeed he and De Gaulle were briefly lovers and De Gaulle was for many years one of Pétain’s protégés. Pétain was also being blackmailed by the Germans and again it was probably the Jesuits who gave him away. The upshot was over a million French dead and the moral collapse of the French army and, in turn, France.

Neither the surrender of the Third Republic to the Wehrmacht in 1940 nor the surrender of the Fourth Republic to the DVD in 1958 would have happened without 1917. In Marine Le Pen France has a true national champion. She’s not afraid of the Germans and wants to run France in the French interest. Macron is a wimp, no offence intended, who serves as a useful reminder of why republics are a bad idea.

Hopefully Marine will get her chance in 2022. She’ll need to watch her back, however. The DVD will have learnt from their failure to assassinate Theresa May.

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