This is the second edition of “Endgame”, promoting UKIP candidates by using the material they sent in to UKIP Daily. These are the candidates who are flying under the radar of the MSM. UKIP Management is not asking us to come and help them as they do in their emails to members, asking for boots-on-the-ground in certain other constituencies. Today is the turn of Jeff Wyatt who stands in Milton Keynes North. He sent us his Election Address, which we have slightly abbreviated:

“If it were not for UKIP, Britain would not be leaving the out of touch, insanely arrogant and bloated EU. UKIP is the only Party that you can truly rely upon to make sure that the clear wishes of the British public as expressed on 23/6/16, are fulfilled.


Our Country needs a strong UKIP presence, the Country needs UKIP MP’s to make sure that Brexit really does happen and not some watered down version that I fear the Remain voting Mrs May has her eye on.

Yes, Mrs May says some good things, yes she has some good people in her Cabinet, Mr Fox, Mr Davis and Mrs Leadsom for example, but I am afraid the big majority of careerist Tory MP’s including our own Mr Lancaster, have not got their heart in Brexit. Too many of the smug Westminster class of Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MP’s and Lords want the status quo to continue and ignore the majority of their fellow countryman. I do not trust these political elites, this is why I am standing, to give you a clear choice, I hope to earn your vote.

The Labour Party has descended into chaos. Do you really want a Left wing Prime Minister in Mr Corbyn who will spend Billions of pounds on our Nuclear deterrent but has openly informed our potential foes that he won’t press the button come the moment of reckoning? Some deterrent! The Lib-Dems are not only weak and wishy washy, but they want to put the Country through the ordeal of a 2nd referendum on the EU, why? Cos they did not like the result last time. Not very democratic! Most from these two camps seem to be very happy to wave “Refugees Welcome Here” placards. You can be assured that I will want to be distinguishing between genuine refugees and economic refugees.

I am a local man. Born in Newport Pagnell, I have lived and worked in and around Milton Keynes all of my life. I have seen the development of our piece of England in rural North Bucks grow into the hugely successful place that is Milton Keynes with its largely clever and harmonious integration with its rural hinterland. Locally I am opposed to the mooted development on the Haversham to Little Linford land. In fact if I were to be your MP I would take a keen interest in checking that all future development is closely controlled as I believe the move to high density residential development as seems to be the modern way, is not for the best. Another subject that I believe has not been tackled with locally is the one of rough sleepers and homelessness, I will be making this a priority, I feel it is totally unacceptable for this to be occurring in a modern wealthy nation such as ours. Additionally I am all in favour of all the pledges that we as a Party have confirmed in our 2017 Manifesto. Please take a look at, where I can be contacted.

UKIP secured nigh on 4 million votes at the last election. In the process we rocked the British political establishment and have achieved the vote to Leave the failed project that is the EU. We continue to be the only voice that truly believes in an Independent United Kingdom. I thank you for your support and vote on June 8th. I hope to earn a Seat in the House of Commons where you will have a true local speaking up for you, Queen and Country. Thank you!”

Jeff Wyatt – and

Very much to the point, taking on the Manchester terrorist attack, is this email Jeff and his colleague Vince Peddle sent to the local newspaper:

Like many people we are utterly appalled by the recent events in Manchester. The mainstream Lib,Lab,Con politicians are more than capable of pronouncing sympathetic and genuinely heartfelt messages of outrage, yet we see precious little evidence of any of these people being prepared to tackle the fundamental underlying issue, that of the rise of radical Islam and its apparent  hatred of the western World.

Are we in UKIP the only people who are prepared to initiate genuine debate on this huge and growing problem?

Over 300 ordinary people in western Europe have been killed over the past couple of years by Islamic terrorists. They are now attacking our children. How many more atrocities before our smug Westminster class sit up and take notice and confront the problem, and actually do something substantive about it.

We are well aware the vast majority of muslims are also totally appalled of what is being done in the name of their religion. These murderers are indiscriminate on who they kill; white, black, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Jew, young or old, they do not particularly care, it’s our free way of life that they are attacking, believing their twisted medieval vision of life should prevail throughout the world.

We in UKIP would like the issue to be openly debated. We have clearly stated in our Election manifesto many areas that we want to highlight and tackle, including stemming  the rise of Sharia Law in our Country, enforcing the already existing Laws on the unacceptable act of Female Genital Mutilation and we want to ban the wearing of the Burka, an appalling example of female subjectification and which is not actually part of the Muslim faith.

Jeff Wyatt UKIP Candidate Milton Keynes North

Vince Peddle UKIP Candidate Milton Keynes South


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