It’s the start to another week after yet another terrorist outrage in London, something politicians like the London Mayor tell us is ‘normal’ when living in a ‘Big CIty’, something we simply have to get used to.

Sunday was a day when most politicians hid from us, suspending campaigning on the doorsteps – except UKIP who was roundly condemned for showing ‘disrespect’. Sunday was a day where ordinary people gave vent to their anger at yet another failure to deal with terrorists in our midst, one of whom at least, as the Monday papers report, was ‘known’ to the authorities.

In her speech on Sunday morning in front of No 10 Downing Street,  PM Theresa May used the “strong words” (or so our MSM labelled them) ‘enough is enough’.

But what does that actually mean?

I’d guess it means more police on our streets, more security measures such as street barriers, security checks of bags and backpacks and IDs to be carried by all, just as the measures we’ve become accustomed to when travelling by air. We’re slowly being made to accept the loss of our civic liberties ‘for our protection’ while those who want to kill us slip through the net again and again.

Perhaps we really need to think of banning white vans – and bridges – and pubs – and concerts … but for goodness sake, let’s not think about banning jihadis from returning! Let’s not ban hate preachers in mosques! Let’s not alienate muslims in any way because they might retaliate and kill us!

Ms May, her colleagues and those from the ‘loyal opposition’ of Mr Corbyn, as well as, of course our MSM, have kept telling us since the attack in Manchester two weeks ago that ‘life must go on as before’, that ‘they will not divide us’, with various warnings about hate crime rises and that ‘we’ must not create divisions with our muslim friends … oh, and no backlash, please! More stringent security measures will be sold to us, one suspects, as ‘part and parcel’ …

Ms May told us again in her speech that this was a ‘perversion’ of islam, and that she would be seeking international agreement to ‘regulate the internet’ so as not to leave safe spaces for extremism and hate speech. We can surmise what that means, in view of the time police spends on detecting ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’.

It’ll be our internet activities which will be scrutinised if not curtailed, our freedoms which will be limited. ‘Sowing disunity with our muslim friends’ is far more heinous a crime than unrolling ISIS flags in public parks! And don’t ask for “intern and deport”, like Phil Campion does again in this video – the authorities keep telling us that it can’t be done. Why not? No answer, it just can’t, so there!

But there is something more outrageous going on. Those who were on the internet and social media on Saturday night and Sunday posted live videos. Even the BBC had an interview with an eyewitness which you should watch. That interview was ‘edited’ during Sunday, because forbidden words were used … but far too many people have now watched it. It’s on ‘the internet’ – the thing which Ms May wants to regulate. Thus, we won’t ever know what really went on. We should rely only on the wise words of our masters on the MSM who keep telling us that this is nothing to do with you-know what.

Far more scary and indeed humiliating was the police telling people to lie down in a pub – yes, it’s about security, but note well: this is the new MET policy and advice: in case of a terrorist attack, run away or hide – don’t even think of fighting back! Various photos in the Sunday papers showed Londoners being escorted away by police with their hands on their heads (see this report, and this one) – was that also about ‘security’?

Here are some comments:

“This is the most frightening photo to date. British people herded like prisoners of war in their own country. Control us but don’t take action against the threat. I genuinely worry.”

”The police are now making innocent people either lie down on the floor or to walk with their hands on their heads. Neither position works for using phones to video what’s happening. Is that the response from the authorities? No unauthorised recordings of muslim mass murders?”

“Just seen the video of the police telling everyone to lay on the floor in a bar. Lying prone just makes you a static target.That is our role now: supine victims.”

Just so! Yes, the government must protect us – but in the absence of such protection, is running away and hiding all they permit us to do?

Is this what Ms May meant by saying ‘enough is enough’? That we must not be told the truth once an outrage has happened, again? That we must be herded away and not take photos or videos? That we must be mild and kind and submit so as not to anger muslims – well, only some muslims, according to her … but how do we know which is which? That ‘hate crime’ on the internet is the greatest evil, so we must police the internet but not the mosques? Will it be sharia law by increments? Will she defend us, the native Brits? Will she defend our culture, our laws, our society?

This report was encouraging: “Londoners Fought Back: Threw Chairs, Tried to ‘Ram’ Terrorists with Taxi”. Let’s face it: our political elite have left us to bear the brunt while they sit in their secure, safe places, preaching ‘unity and diversity and community cohesion’ from a great height, counselling running away but no fighting back!

I wonder if they will try to stop us when, out of necessity, we do what they ought to have done years ago. Will ‘enough be enough’, Ms May, when the hundreds of thousands of us finally have had enough of saying ‘we told you so’ after yet another outrage? When we try to do what that taxi driver did because the police might be longer away than just 8 minutes?

I leave you to ponder this quote:

“The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.”- Enoch Powell.

The evil that has been imported into our country and allowed to multiply  is eminently preventable, is it not, Ms May?

Photo by UK Home Office

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