The EU is a club developing into an Empire. The European Commission President Mr Barroso announced in 2007 in a press conference  lauding the new EU “reform treaty”:

“We are a very special construction unique in the history of mankind,” […] “Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the organization of empire. We have the dimension of empire… Empires were usually made with force with a centre imposing diktat, a will on the others. Now what we have is the first non-imperial empire” .

How can an empire not be “imperial”? Obviously it is. But to make you believe the opposite, the defenders of the EU will use counter-intuitive arguments, contradictions and dismissive gobbledegook to make you think that to disagree is “regressive”. How do they do this? Because they are the new feudalists, the “owners” of the discourse and of the new territory.

Ever since the 1930s, certain elites have aggressively used the modern behavioural sciences to persuade, coerce and manipulate the public. To keep the unwilling masses in place, they and their cohorts of marketing advisors must incessantly play on our feelings of being in the “in-crowd” using fear of disregard, removal of privileges and threats of exclusion.

The traditional parties today, not to be left out from the “progressive” label, trying so hard to shed their “uncool image”, just as Labour was re-branded as the “Third Way” – “guaranteeing power for Europe’s centre-left for years to come” – have now lost their ideological backbone. They struggle to find suitable soulmates and allies in the European Social Democrats and Christian Democrats. They have fallen prey to doctrinaire games. This sleight of hand has left them easy victims of increased Federalist EU propaganda.

Of course we are not supposed to notice any of this. The constant distractions of “crisis”, “emergency” market imbalances, trying to implant doubt about what we would do without our ‘Highers and Betters’ “genuine care” for our safety and good, is meant to keep us running just to stand still, and wondering what the hell is going on. That explains the supercilious “Only the EU can sort it out for you – here’s a referendum, but we will break all the ethical rules to gain a “win” and then pat you on the back for being such a good chap! To ignore these games is to invite consignment to the dustbin of history.
The engineering of social change is widely taught. In rarified environments the corporate/collectivist culture looks down on the Common Man and his pride in his people, and reaches glorious heights of intellectualising.  

The huge public relations industry is a U.S. invention which came out of WW1. Skilful and amoral  mass manipulation was used to lead the public mind in the interest of corporate and political power. Control was exercised in a powerful, profound and clandestine manner.  It is possible  to “regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies.” These new techniques of regimentation of minds had to be used by the “intelligent minorities” in order to control the masses and to make sure that the latter be kept following the “predetermined course”. Banking interests become “arbiters of war and peace”  – ideas certainly not lost on the consultants working for the IN campaign.

This “High Cabal” likes to manipulate public opinion. In addition to strategic “think tanks” this shadowy elite has set up a chain of easily identified research institutes devoted to manipulating public opinion in the manner they prefer.

The philosophy behind this is the notion that people can never be allowed to lead their own lives. But, is that how we want to live? Are our interests best served within the EU where we are relegated to negligible status, or from a position of powerful independence?

The EU commissioner for administrative affairs stated that the European Commission will in future be able to veto member states’ national budgets under the so-called European Semester laws, when he said:

“The Commission in its history has never had more power than it has now.”

Power is what they want, but we are not meant to see that.

How are the centralised planners of the EU and its defenders aligned with Goldman Sachs, International Banking interests, and US geopolitical strategy? By advocating that sovereign free individual nations are powerless. By insisting that an EU Empire which locks its constituent parts into debt to the collective, damaging the independent middle class, disempowering the youth, making the working classes more ignorant, doing whatever it wants to kill resolve and proclaiming our “dependence” on it, is “inescapable”. (See the recent European Parliament granting of corporations blanket right to secrecy.)

As a practitioner in NLP I am only too aware of the subliminal presuppositions about what is “best for the public”; moral imperatives such as: “we must work together for the future”; hidden assumptions like: “There will be war if Britain leaves” and “You are not big enough to cope, you depend on us to survive”. Generalisations are also bandied about: “We are all working together on this project”, “More integration means more jobs” and deleted facts and paradoxes, e.g. what about up to 50% youth unemployment and the endless demolition of local competitive industries due to lack of funding/no money when there is plenty to throw at Brussels? The propaganda exercise conducted by the EU for so long has got inside the heads of the unwitting.

We have been offered a system, erected on suspect values, in an empire which is failing economically and not producing deals anywhere. A system in which the elite thrives on control while refusing to allow peoples to be self-governing, distinct and diverse. This is anti-freedom, rejecting that you can think for yourself!

We do not need to be part of this new “empire” and it does not serve our interests. Far from being “progressive”, the IN campaign is woefully regressive. To leave the EU is the progressive act, giving us more, not less, influence over an organisation that does not produce good trade; is not helping the balance of power in Eurasia either, but is strong on Control!

EU “imperialists” may have conned the confused and divided European people, but the British love freedom. Those that still have kept their dignity after years of this treatment are now praying for the people in the UK to break the spell and rid us all of the corporate elite-run EU, before it throws itself into yet more power-mad folly.

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