The United Kingdom needs a managed and fair migration policy. We as a country cannot carry on the same road we’ve been going down, it has been reckless, ill thought out and unsustainable. The UK needs a fair and balanced migration policy, which puts the interest of the British people at the heart of it.  This is the prime feature of our migration policy, which I have delivered today.

Illegal migration has to be tackled and that’s what UKIP will do. We need to take a tough stance on illegal migrants trying to enter the country as well as those migrants living in the UK illegally. At the moment the border agency is heavily under staffed and struggles to cope with new migrants coming in to the country. I pledge to increase the border agency staff by 2,500, to help with current border crisis we are having at the moment. This will help secure our borders to make sure we only have people that are eligible to enter the country coming in, and stopping the wave of illegal immigration from Calais. Our current border agency arrangements are not sufficient and viable with the amount of pressure we’re currently seeing on our borders from EU migration.

The current immigration policy in place in the UK is not fair, nor is it ethical. We should be having a fair and balanced policy that does not discriminate against people from outside the EU. We have more in common with people from Australia and Canada, than we do with people from Bulgaria and Romania, we need to have a policy based on quality, not quantity. Like our friends in Australia, we need to have a firm approach on students with having them on 1,3 and 5 year visas for studying, with 6 monthly check ups on their current location This would massively crack down on students staying illegally in the UK. With a strong but fair policy on migration it would mean that the Labour party wouldn’t have to promise a ridiculous and ill-thought-out £8 minimum wage pledge as wage compression wouldn’t have happened and wages would have rose in line with inflation.

Speaking our native language is an essential ingredient for success for newcomers to Britain. UKIP would change the language requirements from B2 to A2 and all applicants for visas and citizenship would have to speak and write in English up to an A2 standard.

We in UKIP are the only party that are promising this and will follow through on this. We have seen the Conservatives promise a decrease in net migration when in fact we have seen it rise, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been non-existent on the topic. UKIP are the only party that would campaign to leave the EU in a referendum, meaning we could take back control of our own borders and making it possible to implement these policies, which would result in a more ethical and fair migration policy.


Steven Woolfe’s conference speech can be seen here

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