Politicians and power grabbers always try to maximize their territory because it brings natural resources as well as manpower, and facilitates further expansion.  Then there is a period of shakeout where the various different peoples produce a common monoculture.  During this time there will be a proportion of the population who will doggedly stick to their original ethnic identity and maybe even keep it going as an underground movement.

Sometime in the future as the enlarged country evolves its society due to technological advances and trade and industry, or even interference from a neighbouring country, the minority ethnic groups will try to assert themselves, so their origins are not permanently lost.

Simply put, as a country grows and expands and evolves its own identity or joins up with another country, so distinct groups of people, often grouped geographically will demand their identity be recognised.  In the UK we have seen the rise of demands for the specific identity of the Welsh, then the Scots, then the Irish, and now recently even the Cornish.

All these people have traditions and, ways of life, particular industries, national or regional dress and regalia, flags, language, speech & dialect, and even religions.  The Nations within the UK all have their own parliaments now, all except the English of course. And even for that there is a simmering demand.

So it is not strange that since the time when the UK signed up to the conveyor belt that will lead to a United States of Europe, that individual identity of ethnic groups of indigenous has become more important.  As fast as the politicians try to group us together, we individually don’t want to lose who we are, our history, and our culture.

The open-door immigration policy is all about mixing all the Europeans together but at the same time championing multi-culturalism. The two concepts are mutually exclusive.  I cannot think of a more stupid thing to encourage, because it leads to ghettoes within towns and cities.  It will lead to friction between competing ways of life, religion, and separate cultural laws.

The rise of parties like UKIP across all of Europe, and across the political spectrum from far left to far right, is only a manifestation of the desire by populations not to lose their identity within the continent of Europe. Such is the force of the desire to maintain ethnic identity that it caused of the breakup of Yugoslavia, then the USSR, and is now occurring in the Ukraine.  As fast as the West-leaning interim government is trying to align itself with the EU, the ethnic Russians in the East want to strengthen their links to their roots.

The strangest thing I cannot understand is the demand by the SNP for an independent Scotland, free of the UK but then to continue absorption into the EU superstate. They are trying on the one hand to separate themselves principally from the English, with whom they share so much history and culture, and where they have a say in the Westminster Parliament, and from whom they already have a huge amount of autonomy and self-governance. One of the reasons they state for full independence is that they can then run their own economy and set their own taxation, but now they want to keep the pound that prevents that!  Alternatively they will need to adopt the Euro, which ultimately will lead to financial governance by the EU and even the loss of setting their own taxes.

Maybe the solution to the desire of the power grabbers on the one hand to group us all together is to have a federal state overseeing a group of nations, which set their own taxes and maintain their own identities.  This is the American model, where each state is in effect self- governing and the people have representation across all levels, including state, congress and senate.

The American model works because it was the choice of the electorate in each state to join the union, and the people continue to control the choice of those who represent them.  This is the complete opposite of the situation in those conglomerations in Europe that have been formed by armed takeover or by treaties signed by politicians without the consent of the governed.

The EU will break up because the people will never be persuaded to give up their identity, ever, even if they are suppressed or cheated out of a choice at the ballot box.  It will not ever go away but will continue to simmer until the EU through stagnation becomes too weak to hold it all together.

Here in the UK, due to geography we would be better to have a Federal Government, elected by all the people of these islands, including Southern Ireland.  Common seafaring, fishing, and agricultural nations bound together by the choice of the people, each with their own parliaments, and sharing so much history, and using the same currency.

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