• Greek exports drop 6.8% year on year and imports drop 4.1%. What recovery?
  • Average new wages continue to fall in Slovenia, making it more attractive to seek work abroad
  • Poland’s 1 minute tribute film to the EU cost €220,000
  • The EU tells Hungary it is concerned how funds are used, but says that it will carry on paying anyway
  • The 4 leading (unelected) candidates for the (unelected) post of European Commission President are holding a debate
  • EU Grants Visa-Free Travel to Moldovans
  • Italian PM’s office says no more budget cuts are necessary (despite debt being 133% of GDP)




  • The EU’s new army takes control of Bangui airport
  • Russia lodges second complaint at WTO against EU
  • NATO is urging Bulgaria to modernize its army using Western units and equipment.
  • Unemployment in Italy remains at record level


  • The EU hands Romania €28 million to conduct a feasibility study for a new road project
  • 400 migrants make mass fence jump into Spain
  • Less than 20% of Catalans aim to vote to stay as part of Spain
  • Only 44% of French people believe the EU is a good thing
  • EU funded metro extension in Romania (€465 million) has bought trains that are too wide for the tunnel
  • Only 5% of Poles firmly support the idea that their country should join the Eurozone, a survey by the GfK Polonia Institute has shown.
  • India threatens to take EU to WTO over mango ban
  • Eurovision Song Contest gets higher TV billing than European Commission Presidency debates
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