• The EU is now to set up its own war crimes court for Kosovo
  • The EU funds a 950 km railway line connecting Poland to the Baltic
  • Bulgarian Justice Minister claims EU funds are being used to fund political propaganda
  • Romania to pay back €4.2 million in agricultural funding to European Commission for inappropriate spending
  • The EU refuses to apply the rules it demands of national statistical offices to its own statistical agency.
  • Year on year Greek exports fell 7%.  What recovery?
  • Barosso and the Commission pressure Bulgaria as it tries to work out its own gas deal with Russia
  • EU pledges €28 billion to Africa until 2020
  • The EU fund bridge repairs in Portugal
  • (Unelected) Commissioner Reding today said: “We are building a true European area of justice”


  • Survey reveals that only 1% of Spaniards think the economic situation is ‘good’, 85% believe it is either ‘very bad’ or ‘bad’
  • Portugal approves 59 projects for €6.1 billion in EU funding
  • 75% of Czechs do not believe the EU is effective and 60% think that it is undemocratic
  • EU’s bank bail-out plan is a “complete mess” that is unraveling fast
  • The EU has issued regulations on the civilian use of drones
  • The European Parliament’s Green Group of MEPs make the claim for the EU to overturn the Hungarian election result
  • The EU prepares to take action against Denmark because their lorry-driving rules designed to protect Danish jobs penalise foreign drivers
  • The EU is to change work pension rules to make it more attractive for people to migrate
  • In a tit-for-tat exchange the EU has taken Russia to the WTO over pork embargo.  Russia reported the EU last year over energy tariffs
  • European Commissioner Piebalgs calls on Member States to intensify efforts to increase international development aid


  • EU gives €1.8 billion to Bulgaria.
  • Italy’s new government says it plans to push for an easing of EU fiscal rules when it takes over the rotating EU presidency in July
  • The EU has given $1.2 billion to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation since 2007 making it the biggest donor.
  • The EU has declared itself to be in charge of eradicating all cash-in-hand work
  • The EU’s bank, the EIB, is accused of a cover up
  • The EU is taking control of all renewable subsidies


  • Kosovo (44% unemployment) makes claim for visa-free travel into EU saying it has met all of their conditions
  • The financial industry employs 1.700 lobbyists and spends €120 million a year to influence the EU
  • Spanish property sales fell 27.6% year on year.  What recovery?
  • France aims to stick the EU with part of the bill for an 8 mile piece of road that will cost €1.66 billion
  • The EU continues to give Turkey €900 million a year despite the recent massive crackdowns on free speech
  • EU’s own auditors criticise the Commission for excluding EU institutions from the corruption report
  • 89.4% of the Romanian population live in areas that qualify for EU funds.


  • Half of the hundreds of thousands of UK based Poles intend to vote for Lib Con and Labour in May’s Euro elections
  • The European Commission refuses to hand over documents relating to the Commissioner sacked over corruption
  • EU funded Bulgarian Metro link to the tune of €476 million


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