• Work about to begin on next phase of EU funded (€742.5 million) Athens metro built by Greek/Italian/french consortium


  • EU workers moving to a different EU country will be able to take their full pension rights with them thanks to a new European law
  • EU passes rules designed to damage the City of London
  • New EU rules on cabs on lorries will drive up the price of a vehicle by €1500
  • European Parliament refuses to adopt the same transparency rules for itself as it demands for NGOs
  • Romania to get €2.9 billion in farm subsidies this year
  • EU slams Bosnians for thinking of independence
  • Spanish police investigate €615 million fraud involving EU funded education courses
  • Overseas Romanian workers send the highest amount back home out of all EU expats totalling $4 billion annually according to the World Bank
  •  The EU continues to send funds to Bulgaria despite €400 million being unaccounted for from last year
  • Joseph Daul French leader of EU parliament’s EPP group told local newspaper that 1 benefit of EU integration is easier access to pornography
  • France looking at adding additional charges to foreign truck drivers in an affront to free trade
  • European Parliament name a hall after a member of Hungarian communist police squad
  • The EU gave €32.8 billion to Hungary between 2007 and 2013
  • EU dictates that all member states have to reduce plastic carrier bags usage by 80%

(Editor’s Note: An even shorter working week in the EU!)

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