• Bulgaria is failing to adopt measures to make proper use of potential European funding for the next six years
  • 15 new suspects (total now 159) announced in Spain’s €300 million EU funds corruption scandal that involves PMs party and EIB vice-president
  • The EU pays €2.5 million for solar panels in Tuvalu
  • The EU pays €5.2 million to Kiribati
  • The EU hands over €400 million for energy projects in the Pacific


  • EU funded work on Thessaloniki’s metro has been halted for almost two years
  • 50 Bulgarian municipalities face bankruptcy over newly discovered public procurement flaws
  • ECHR rules Spain cannot deport 30 Sahrawi asylum seekers from the Western Sahara because they had failed to properly hear the claims.
  • Total EU accumulated debt increased to 92.6% of gross domestic product in 2013, up from 90.7%, rising even further above the EU’s 60% limit.
  • The European Commission plans to become the internet’s global governor.


  • The EU’s ‘solution’ to curbing carbon emissions had the direct result of INCREASING ozone depleting gases by over 50%
  • 87 Bulgarian municipalities to be fined for violations of spending of EU money earmarked for environmental projects
  • EU funds new ambulances in Hungary
  • The EU handed Slovenia (population 2 million) €4.1 billion from 2007 to 2013


  • Anti-corruption NGO Transparency International slams the EU for its opaque decision-making which leads to corruption
  • Hungary accuses the European Commission of favouring the interests of big corporations over SMEs
  • European Commission Presidential candidate says that Bulgarian politicians do not comply with EU standards
  • EU begins action against Romania for failing to implement directive concerning consumer rights
  • Spain changes tax rules in order to ‘create’ €40 billion worth more of ‘assets’ on their banks balance sheets
  • Bailiffs seize bank accounts of a Polish region after it fails to cough up tax revenues
  • Higher pay has prompted almost 25% of Poles to declare their willingness to emigrate in search of a better paid job
  • Spanish mortgages fell for the 46th consecutive month
  • Italian blast furnace closes down taking 4,000 jobs with it. What recovery?
  • 65% of Bulgarians working there say their working conditions are bad.
  • 68% of Romanians working at home consider their working conditions bad
  • While the EU rants and raves at Russia, Austria ties up a deal for itself with Gazprom this week. One for all?
  • In EU speak Greece’s “debt dynamics have slightly worsened.” Or in other words they are further in the red
  • The EU will hand Romania €39 billion between now and 2020
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