I often wonder if the Remainians have been suffering from schizophrenia. The CBI under Dibgy Jones could declare that the EU was “stealing British jobs”; now the CBI demands subservience to it, whilst huge parts are going into negative overdrive; the PM stamped his foot and refused to pay the club fees, then went cap-in-hand to beg for special status!!

Why would a successful, international, trade-based, non-ideological, pragmatic and highly reformed democratic society, whose freedoms and sense of identity, whose neighbourliness and civilised way of life and love of independence and self-expression, and contribution to economic and social growth and development across the world has been huge want to merge itself into a dogmatic, unreformed, dictatorial, unrepresentative, unelected, unmandated and economically largely stagnant, federalised entity whose history of State-organised – often tyrannical – planned approach to social engineering and anti-democratic ideology has dark and very unwelcome overtones in its current messy confusion?

The arguments sound like something from 80 years ago, but now it is the EU that represents a failed past, and the principle of freedom-loving self-governance that represents the best way for the future. How is it that the IN lobby is seeking to tarnish this new positive outlook and to justify their own tired views? How can you want to be a part-member of a club, wanting special exemptions and privileges that create resentment in the other members, yet without the power to influence even your own alleged “special circumstances”?

That they have no answers – no ideas, no solutions, no beliefs, no apparent vision apart from more of the same failed collectivist centralisation based around an unaccountable elite – defies belief if one considers that the same “Third Way” approach was so devastatingly proven wrong from the 1930s onwards, yet they persist. I have argued before that this trait has been implanted by Marxist neo-feudal thinking to disarm the struggle of centuries in procuring rights for the people that cannot be superseded by dictat or hostile overthrow, and that it is largely self-deceiving propaganda that seeks to hide the truth about the true origins and aims of the EU (which are not far-removed from anything in the 1930s either). As a result the existing system has to be rotted from within by people whose own terminally cluttered, confused minds have not yet worked this out (or don’t want to).

We have seen the desperate rhetoric that masks the fact that the EU is already failing in about six areas. There is already massive unrest all over the EU, aggression towards established ways, takeover by fanatics, contributing to extremism on the Left and Right. Are they under some kind of magic spell?

The economy is stagnant and has bequeathed 30-50% youth unemployment in 70% of the member states, meaning a whole generation will be without prospects, spending power or independence, this will act catastrophically on tax revenues; this being another reason the EU wants British money to pay for “meetings about meetings”. The German economy being massively out of step with the rest of the EU is a prime cause of instability that is handicapping the potential of al the other economies to grow in any way. Two countries of the 28 current members are net contributors (Britain and Germany); the other 26 are net beneficiaries and on bailout. What kind of “club” is that”.

And yet they demand that ‘there is no other way than the so-called “co-decision” process’; the model being proposed, of more centralisation, Centre-run programmes and high public spending on public sector jobs, trying to redistribute wealth and jobs, is a recipe for disaster; whether we stay or leave, the EU is designed to advance corporate global interests in a desperate attempt to stem decline – how can large corporations provide jobs for an entire continent when they have failed elsewhere? – and buoyed up on collectivist principles that ignore national preferences.

This preponderance of out-of-date thinking has left the Tories, Libs, Trades Unions and Labour with a gaping hole in their philosophy and an inner paradox that cannot be resolved. How can organisations traditionally blowing the trumpet for the “victims of the system” and which argue against austerity, unaccountability, corruption and privilege here in the UK, campaign for it by remaining in an organisation that is guilty of all these things?

I believe that this is because the EU is another version of feudalism – powerful connected barons and established unaccountable elites dictating to others; it has nothing to do with freedom or democracy and was never intended to have (hence the disappearance of “subsidiarity” as a buzz-word, after Maastricht 1 went through). And feudalism confers power, prestige and the status to look down on the serfs.

As history shows State-run monoliths cannot be reformed except by revolution, takeover (in this case by corporate globalist interests) or terminal decline by internal self-destructive practices; this has been the case throughout history. Sadly we can see all three in operation. How can anyone be so out of touch with reality even when it is before their eyes? The answer again is in the illusion, the trick, of equating “progress” and “forward-thinking” with mere collectivist thinking; “choice” with ideology; “equality”, with power over others; it is the difference between slavish adherence to doctrinaire “observances” to “Directives”, and the path of self-hood, freedom and growth.

the monster and the girl copy copy.resized

Like Frankenstein’s monster, the EU was an attempt to rivet together incompatible organs and limbs that, separate and distinct, could reform themselves and work from a respectful distance. When locked in the same body, they can only lead to terrible outcomes. The head is dangerously confused and the body an unwieldy mess. Power was the aim. Healthy democracy and trade between sovereign nations is the answer to all these issues; the EU is unhealthy and everything shows that the disease is spreading all over. Britain can now show the way out of this, by being strong, free and democratic under her own laws and great Constitution; by leaving we can be a torch of hope for others to follow.

The EU may learn the hard way: we do not have to. In the 1935 Boris Karloff film masterpiece (made at a similar time of warning of the perils of unbridled ambitions of over-powerful agencies) the villagers learn of the devastation caused by the uncontrolled behaviour of the monster and, too late, it is mercifully stopped. Let us not be – like the father of the innocent and hapless Maria, drowned after sharing flowers with it, its uncomprehending mind unable to fathom any meaning in preserving something so precious – the ones to say “(the monster may be) dead or alive, but nothing can bring our little Maria back to us.”


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