This table presents in easy to follow format the key differences between being “In” and “Out” of the EU in each major policy area. Canvassers might want to print a copy out as an aide memoire when answering voter questions on the doorstep.






EU Law Commission has precedence over UK Judicial system.

UK Law precedence developed over 4 centuries reinstated.

No more stupid over-rulings by European court of Human Rights.


EU Directives prevail and Britain cannot control immigration.

Border forces will enforce strict controls over who qualifies.

Illegal immigrants and criminals to be repatriated.


200,000 UK Nationals working for EU.

3,000,000 jobs related to exports.

Nationals working for EU lose their jobs. 3,000,000 export jobs likely to be unaffected.

The EU sell more to us than we sell to them.  They would be foolish to set up barriers to trade.


Common Agricultural Policy subsidises continental farmers to the detriment of UK producers.

UK farmers to be paid similar subsidies to those presently received back from the CAP.

Removal of UK’s contribution to EU, most of which goes on CAP will force a reduction in subsidies to EU farmers.


27 EU countries will continue to share former UK territorial waters.  We only allowed 13% of catch in these waters.

Reassert territorial waters, starting with 12 mile limit, then extending to 200 miles.

Over-fishing by 27 EU countries has driven many stocks almost to distinction.

UK will control catches to allow stock to recover.


Germany in particular is intent on introducing tariffs and regulation to destroy city of London as trading hub.

No taxes on financial trading.  No adoption of Euro. No continued support for Nations failing due to Euro straightjacket.

Maintaining financial independence and good tax policies likely to increase use of London as trading hub.


Continue integration of businesses into more EU countries.  Likely to benefit large business growth.

Continued integration likely to slow a little initially but long term unlikely to be affected.

Large businesses may even be hampered by EU trading negotiations that are linked to civil rights issues.


Ongoing regulation and directives will continue to hamper and destroy UK small businesses.

Removal of force of previous directives and regulations likely to allow small business to thrive once again.

Thousands of small businesses already destroyed, including fishermen and small fa






Regulation and Directives regarding employment benefits and health issues continue to the detriment of small businesses.

Abandon the Working Time Directive. Eliminate many unaffordable benefits for workers in small businesses.

EU employee entitlements make EU products uncompetitive elsewhere in the World.


UK is only one voice in 27 as part of international trade negotiations. Cannot do preferential deals with former Commonwealth.

UK to independently make trade agreements with former Commonwealth Countries, & other trading blocks.

Trade deals presently hampered by EU linking human rights issues to trade.


EU to introduce harmonised TAX on all 27 nations. One size fits all regardless of economic situation.

Flat rate tax being considered to combine existing 22% tax + 8% NI above allowance.

Rate of 31% has been suggested.

Flat tax system is extremely simple, easily understood and has virtually no avoidance loopholes.  Pensioners likely to pay 20%.


UK part of European Army, which often is powerless due to countries veto to deployment.

UK to operate its own army under the direction of Parliament and in concert with NATO.

Valuable to defend our borders and dominions and territorial waters. Impossible as part of EU.


Continue to be constrained by EU directives relating to carbon emissions. Already unable to meet peak electricity demand. Wind farms unable to replace   conventional generating stations.

Remove subsidies for wind farms. Implement agreements to build new series of gas and nuclear power stations. Consider building new types of coal fired power stations.

Disbanding the Department for Environment & Climate Change

will save £18,000,000,000.

14% Climate levy can then be removed from household electricity bills.


These will continue to move from the UK and the EU due to carbon trading taxes.

Abolition of carbon taxation will allow these industries to restart in the UK and to compete with the EU carbon taxed industries.

Consider building new low pollution coal fired power stations to serve large energy users.  Coal is cheap and we have large stocks.


Continue to scare the population about global warming.

Prove there is no link between CO2 and the global temperature.

Global temperature has not risen since 1996.

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