Liberal literature keeps referring to trading with the EU as being good for jobs.  Then goes on to say that the Eurosceptics and UKIP want to stop trading with Europe.  The newspapers do it as well, often interchanging the abbreviation EU, with Europe.

Even in UKIP literature you can spot this as well!  They are not the same thing at all! The EU is a political governing body comprising principally the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament.

The European Commission originates legislation, regulations, and directives in conjunction with the European Council.  The Commission has now 28 Commissioners and over 23,000 technical and administrative personnel.  The Council has (at the last count) 345 Councillors.  None of these people are elected by the people of the nations of Europe!

The European Parliament that is not a true parliament at all as it does not originate legislation and merely considers items put to it by the Commission before voting them through.  As the majority of European nations are socialist it ensures that the majority of MEPs are always favourable to the items.  The purpose of the European Parliament is strictly to give the illusion of representation by the people.

Europe is a geographical grouping of countries comprising the mainland and a number of islands nearby.  You will often see a statement referring to the amount of trade done with the EU in relation to that with the rest of the World.  Actually very little trade is done with the EU as such, but there is a huge amount done with Europe.

You wouldn’t expect to see a statement about how much trade is done between Australia and Westminster, nor how much trade is done between the UK and the Federal Government of the USA.  Trade between individuals, and between companies, and even between governments are not reliant on political union.

Trade is conducted between buyer and seller based on product quality and value for money.  No-one would consider it necessary to become a state of the USA and be governed by the Federal government in order to trade with the USA.

As the owner of a Radio Communications business I know the EU is bad for jobs because it defines through regulations and directives what can be manufactured and how it needs to be certified or tested at enormous cost. I am not allowed to put a product on the market that does not conform to EU regulations even if it is destined for sale elsewhere in the World.

Since the 1990’s the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility regulations, followed by the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment regulations, followed by the Removal of Hazardous Substances regulations, followed by the Radio Telegraph & Telecommunications Equipment directive have forced an enormous number of electronic businesses in the UK to close down.

None of these regulations have had a positive effect on the environment and in particular the EMC regulations have been an incredible failure in achieving what they were supposedly intended for, the reduction of electronic inteference.

There are over 120 countries of the World that trade with Europe WITHOUT being ruled by the EU. The Liberal claim that staying in Europe is good for jobs is without foundation. It is deliberately trying to deceive the voters to support Britain’s continued membership of the EU for ideological reasons.

UKIP supporters and Eurosceptics in the other parties want us to leave the political union but still wish to continue trading with Europe, just like the rest of the World.  Leaving the EU will allow us to throw off as many as 120,000 procedures, regulations, directives, and legislation that is stifling business.

As an independent nation we will again be free to do trade deals anywhere in the World, as at present the EU representative does this on behalf of 28 nations without any benefit to the UK.

We will again be able to take our place as before in many of the Worlds important bodies and have our voice.  Furthermore we will be back to a situation of choosing who governs us, through the power of the ballot box.

The right of universal franchise has been fought for, and in many cases died for since the Civil war of 1642, and only fully realised in 1929 when all men and women in the UK over the age of 21 were given the vote.

The elections for Members of the European Parliament take place on 22 May this year and it will be a big chance for the voters to choose between; Lib/Lab/Con with the EU and its regulations on the one hand; or UKIP and trade with Europe and the World on the other.

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