All the great things are simple and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.

Sir Winston Churchill


I ask this question: Why do so many in the EU want to make it so difficult, long drawn out and downright expensive for the UK to leave the EU?

The answer is quite simple and it is not because they love us. It is, of course, that root of all evil – Money. There are three net contributors and 24 net takers in the EU. Due to the size of our economy and various formulae, we are one of the ‘lucky’ three net contributors, to the tune of many millions of pounds a day.

We are sandwiched between Germany –  the biggest contributor and France. It doesn’t take a genius to work this one out. The other two net contributors do not want to take on any extra burden when we leave. They are under some pressure from their own people in this regard.

Of course, the 24 net takers do not want their ‘income’ reduced. This, added to the reduction of options available for economic migration, means that they will continue to give us a tough ride and we need to be determined to move on and get out as soon as is possible.

UKIP have a role to play here. We got the referendum. We won the referendum. We must ensure that the people’s decision is implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible!

UK contributions to the EU still total about 55 million pounds a day, whilst at home, care for the elderly and most vulnerable is being reduced, services are being cut, and health, policing and roads are being run down We should not be expected to carry on paying this beyond the two year period following Article 50 being triggered.

Any suggestion that we need to go through a long drawn out ‘interim’ arrangement is merely remoaners prevarication tactics whilst they work to destroy the democratic process. The UK’s electorate decided by a majority of well over a million votes to leave the EU. It was made perfectly clear during the campaign that the reason to leave was to regain our sovereignty, which quite clearly and primarily included:

  1. the ability to regulate immigration into the UK to sustainable levels on a fair to the whole world basis;
  2. to opt out of the EU Judicial system and regain the ability to make and operate our own laws;
  3. to leave the single market AND the customs union, thus enabling us to do trade deals with the whole world;
  4. to use the 55 million pounds a day as we determine, not the faceless bEUrocraps.

Some of the 55 million pounds is paid back to support deprived areas of our country. So why give it in the first place? Are we not to be trusted to support our own needy areas and industries, whilst at the same time saving the enormous amount lost through bEUrocrapit administration and red tape in the current process?

In any event, the EU’s record of ‘helping’ our industry is nothing short of appalling. One has only to consider how our Fishing Industry has been destroyed by EU regulation and how our government was severely restricted by EU regulation when trying to help rescue our floundering Steel industry a short while ago.

Eventually, the EU will crumble, due to, amongst other things:

  1. Financial meltdown in many of its constituent countries
  2. Its gradual fall in percentage share of world GDP
  3. Depopulation of poorer countries as economic migrants of working age leave in droves
  4. High levels of youth unemployment in many countries

There have been many national financial disasters within the EU and there is huge youth unemployment over a wide range of EU member States. This, together with depopulation, is ultimately likely to boil over, with serious consequences and possible civil unrest leading to fragmentation. Is what is happening in Spain the beginning?

The UK economy, immigration and migration are inextricably linked. We currently have a situation that allows unlimited immigration into the UK from the EU and as we are a very attractive proposition for so many, our immigration levels from the EU are so high that we have been and still are forced to discriminate against and unfairly restrict immigration from the Commonwealth and rest of the World. This obviously influences the economy.

Immigration can be a good thing and should be embraced, provided that it is controlled to suit the host country’s needs and limitations at any given point in time.  However, even if it is true that existing levels and quality of EU immigration are an overall a benefit to our country, it must follow that if we were able to control and select immigrants on merit and an equitable basis from the Commonwealth, EU and rest of the World and also limit it to numbers that would not put undue pressure on our housing, welfare, health, transport and education services, then we would clearly even further improve our economy.

Of course, it goes much further than that. Many EU workers are happy to take low wages here which are much higher than they can earn at home. This is perfectly understandable from their point of view, but has the effect of depressing wages at the lower end here. Further to this, when earning such low wages, they become eligible for high levels of in work benefits and often housing priority. This adds enormous pressure to our economy.

Regarding the argument that migrant workers such as nurses and doctors are propping up our NHS, I say that is an indictment of our lack of investment into the appropriate training of our own people. It is an easy way out of a problem – a quick, but short-sighted fix.  It’s not even really a fix at all: we are virtually stealing qualified professionals from their badly-in-need homelands. Is this ethical? By such actions we are contributing to the demise of nations.

We need to completely overhaul our education system, with the starting point being ‘what do we need and what will benefit our people best’. We need to move away from the ludicrous idea that 50 per cent of our young people need to go to university and study for irrelevant degrees that are of little use to them or employers and end up with them being disillusioned, overqualified and £30,000 in debt.

Our aim should be to channel the young according to their skills and abilities and the country’s needs. We need to prioritise such as science and engineering. We need to encourage trade apprenticeships allied to a return to practical polytechnic courses.  We need to train our own doctors and nurses.

The EU is an undemocratic shambles that not only takes power from democratically elected national governments, but also renders its own elected Members of the European Parliament impotent and irrelevant and subject to the rule of the faceless unelected travellers on the ‘First Class Only Express’ that is the EU gravy train!


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