• Spain is so desperate for cash that it charges VAT on nappies
  • Belgium to scrap the 1 and 2 € cent coins claiming that they cost to much, but the reality will be rampant inflation
  • Dutch former bankers earn millions from wind turbines
  • Swiss vote to curb immigration in referendum



  • Following the Swiss referendum, now Norway (also non EU) moves for a similar vote on unfettered immigration
  • The EU funds 5 sheep in Belgium
  • The EU rules that Poland cannot finance its own airport
  • In a strange turn of events France pays the UK €200 million for an aircraft carrier that we never built
  • European Parliament to sanction seven MEPs over dubious trip to Azerbaijan
  • Cyprus output to drop 4.8% in 2014.  The EU and its insane currency is killing economies
  •  A Slovenian court sentenced a former MEP to jail after he admitted agreeing to take a bribe to change EU legislation
  • The Commission is to approve cultivation of a genetically modified maize crop despite opposition from 19 member states
  • EU ministers formally establish the EU military operation in Central African Republic paving its way for rapid deployment


  • The European Banking Forum is deeply critical of the Commission’s plans to reform banks & the likely economic outcome
  • EU Industrial production fell by 0.7% in December.  What recovery?
  • Danish PM, Kinnock’s daughter-in-law, & potential EC president declines invitation to attend opening of a new mosque
  • Romanian ex-minister jailed for taking bribes is released after just one third of his prison sentence
  • EU halts talks with Switzerland to improve the energy market connections because the referendum went the wrong way
  • The EU is lifting sanctions against Zimbabwe
  • European Parliament president Schulz causes uproar in the Israeli parliament
  • EU hands €347 million to Senegal
  • The EU has almost tripled its defence research budget to €3.8 billion




  • The Netherlands will vote NOT to approve the EU’s accounts given the high rates of missing and misspent funds
  • Yesterday Italy’s Prime Minister was toppled by his own party making new PM Matteo Renzi the THIRD IN A ROW not to be democratically elected
  • Belgium legalises euthanasia for children
  • Barosso admits that immigration puts strain on local services and is open to abuse
  • The EU aims to take control of internet governance from the US
  • Italian GDP grew for the first time since 2011.  By 0.1%
  • Since 2009 the number of people between the aged 16-29 receiving unemployment benefit has shot up by 79% in Denmark
  • The EU hands €55 million to Cape Verde
  • EU brands Chanel No 5 ‘not safe’.
  • Survey in Denmark reveals that only 24% of Danes believe that immigration is good for the country
  • Greek economy shrank by 3.7% in 2013 according to data just released
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