• EU asks Spain to explain rubber bullets shooting of immigrants
  • Leading Ukrainian opposition members will ask Europe for financial help at a meeting in Germany
  • EU Commissioner Fuhle to visit Bosnia (EU candidate country) over its worst anti Govt riots since the civil war
  • Switzerland refuses to sign a reciprocal workers rights deal with Croatia & the EU halts talks on research as sanction
    • Merkel vetoes any new aid to Greece before the May election to make sure that they vote the right way
    • EU signs over €12 million to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to pay for the dismantling of Syria’s chemical weapons
    • Spain’s public debt is the highest for over 100 years
    • Spanish police estimate 30,000 illegal immigrants are camped in Morocco waiting for a chance to cross.  This will not end well
    • Merkel and Hollande push forward with Euro-internet
    • Boris Johnson’s Greater London Authority recruits for a Euro non-job
    • European Commission vice-president Reding told Cambridge University students Monday “the eurozone should become the United States of Europe.” She added: “I believe that the UK will not be part of this,” but said it “should … share a common market, a common trade policy, and hopefully a common security agenda”



  • Greece’s small steel industry finally gives up the ghost and shuts
  • French TV seeks protectionist measures against Netflix
  • Romania gets €11.8 million from the EU to improves its sewage system
  • Germany and its industrial interests clash with the EU and its green agenda
  • Merkel & Hollande meet this week to discuss the establishment of “a Franco-German partnership for European defence.”
  • Greek diplomats investigated over mines charity €9 million fraud
  • EU more than triples budget to promote “Grown in Europe” labeling for food to €200 million
  • Loan default rate rose again in Spain in 2013 to yet another record high.  What recovery?
  • More Italian politicians arrested on charges of corruption
  • European new car sales in January are the lowest since 2003.  What recovery?
  • France push for FTT agreement before May.  It is a mad tax that will drive business to HK and Switzerland and hurt pensions
  • The former head of Italy’s Senate Agriculture Committee is arrested for corruption
  • State Aid to banks in the EU 2008-2012 amounted to more than €473 billion.



  • Dutch tourism sector joins in the protests against offshore windfarms
  • Mrs Merkel’s coalition in danger after one resignation, and allegations of child pornography involving an SPD MP
  • Greenpeace try and disrupt French German summit in Paris by dumping coal at the palace
  • Romania moves to HALVE some public sector salaries over widespread concern that some civil servants are paid too much
  • Czech Republic set to hand over its budgetary powers to the EU and join the Euro
  • France’s fourth richest man Senator and arms manufacturer, Serge Dassault, arrested over vote-buying





  • IMF tells Spanish banks to capitalize on QE false rally in markets to raise money & lend more despite loan defaults at highest levels ever
  • More than 850,000 Romanians are bankrupt
  • The European Commission gave €200 million to 90 migration-related projects to “all regions of the developing world.”
  • Former Mayor of Rome arrested for fraud
  • Greece’s 4 biggest banks fail stress test and need another €5 billion in capital
  • Consumer confidence in the EU dropped last month.  What recovery?
  • Building permits in the Netherlands hit a 60 year low.  What recovery?
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