• Commissioner Reding threatens to cash starve Catalonia if it votes to secede from Spain
  • Work begins this week on a tram route extension to Piraeus in Greece. Funded by the EU to the tune of €61.5 million
  • EU funds a ski slope at a Romanian spa resort
  • European Council approves the Commission’s plans to rig the CO2 market, a market that charges consumers €12 billion pa
  • Moscow warns Ukraine that they will raise import duties on its goods if Kiev signs a partnership agreement with the EU
  • Greek court rules that proposed cuts to retiring civil servants’ lump sum payments are unconstitutional
  • OECD report concludes that that one in five European adults has low literacy and numeracy skills



  • Vacant office space in the Netherlands rose by 6% to 17% in 2013.  What recovery?
  • In Brussels, the EU’s backyard, youth unemployment has topped 50%.  What recovery?
  • To meet its latest funding crisis the Greek finance ministry raids the last remaining cash reserves of state entities
  • Under new rules agreed by the EU proceeds from crime can be confiscated WITHOUT a conviction & given to the state
  • Sweden set to sue the EU for delaying bans on poisonous chemicals found in everyday items and cosmetics
  • David Cameron phoned and congratulated Italy’s third unelected PM in a row
  • The EU forces companies to disclose  their policies on the environment, respect for human rights and  diversity
  • John Kerry pledges to help Georgia join the EU.
  • Bank of Spain says that wage deflation was TWICE the official figure in 2013.  What recovery?
  • EU hands €319 million to Portugal, and the amount is criticised for being a drop in the ocean for what is needed


  • European Parliament voted not to force liberalisation of Europe’s railways & let national monopolies remain in place
  • Spanish political corruption scandal now estimated to involve €11.5 million
  • French unemployment hits a record high
  • Italian President says that Italy should take more funding from the EU
  • In order to pass stress tests Greek banks opt to use lower capital requirement criteria. What could possibly go wrong?
  • EU tells Spain that it doesn’t have the right to tax & use the proceeds as it sees fit & makes them hand over €13 billion
  • French opposition leader in €8 million scandal
  • The EU opens up its borders to 19 new countries
  • Survey shows that 20% first time buyers regret buying their homes so why does HMG think Help to Buy scheme is a good idea?


  • Brussels is Europe’s 3rd richest city
  • Over 1,000 Romanians were found guilty of corruption in 2013
  • Cyprus tell the Troika to stroll on
  • Germany/US ‘no-spy agreement’ is scrapped
  • China, Russia, Belarus have all banned Polish pork after confirmed Swine Fever outbreak. The EU, however, hasn’t.
  • In January Finnish unemployment rose again by 0.6% to 8.5%.  What recovery?
  • Polish MEP and VP of Euro Par J. Protasiewicz in trouble after shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ while drunk in Frankfurt
  • Interactive map shows EU youth unemployment rates and amounts of EU cash they receive to deal with it (12% from UK)
  • 137 European industry CEOs release letter telling EU that its energy ‘policies’ are coasting jobs
  • Newest EU member Croatia stays in recession – data shows the economy shrank 1% in 2013, the FIFTH year in succession
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