Sunday 16th March


Monday 17th March

  • Portuguese construction sector slumped 14.5% in 2013.  What recovery?


Tuesday 18th March

  • EU’s bank, the European Investment bank, is to lend Greece another €1 billion
  • European Investment Bank deputy head refuses to resign despite being investigated over a €140 million fraud
  • Unemployment in Bulgaria climbed close to 13% in 2013
  • EU’s telephone regulator fails to convince budgetary control MEPs that its management of EU funds was in order in 2012
  • Romania invests least amount of money in justice system out of EU states
  • Slovakian court upholds the state’s right to eject undesirables without the need for a conviction
  • Vestas, world’s largest wind turbine builder, is facing a multimillion compensation payout to unhappy investors
  • EU/ECB/IMF ‘Troika’ are said to have reached a deal with Greece and are about to hand over another €10 billion to them
  • Immigration has cost the UK £140 billion since 1995 according to a new report from Migration Watch
  • EU hands €180 million to Jordan
  • If you don’t believe that the UK has an immigration problem why is Dover the busiest passenger port in the EU?
  • Spain’s Foreign Minister says that the Catalan independence referendum is as illegal as Crimea’s
  • Votes for sale in Euro elections priced between €15 and €150 in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania
  • German investor confidence slumps again for the third month in a row.  What recovery?
  • Danish Opposition calls for rearming against Russia
  • Polish opposition leader Kaczynski says he would seek EU funding for families who have a 2nd child if he wins in 2015
  • The EU prepares to pour more money into Kosovo

Wednesday 19th March


Thursday 20th March

  • The EU gives money to make two separate Romanian films
  • The EU finances 17 films in the EU this year.  None from the UK. 
  • Moldova urges EU to fast-track integration
  • Venice voting in non-official poll to split from Italy as forerunner to referendum.  60% said to be in favour
  • The Bank of England states “the repayment of bank loans destroys money”.  No wonder we are in such a mess
  • In a FABULOUS use of resources, the EU is about to announce its “Tree of the Year 2014”
  • Over 75% of revenues generated by European capital markets and investment banks are generated in the UK
  • The EU hands over €6.5 billion to a group of Asian countries
  • The Bank of England now implicated in currency fixing scandal
  • EU states will have to build new refuelling/recharging stations for cars, trucks and ships using alternative fuels
  • Bulgaria’s grey economy as much as 40%

Friday 21st March

  • EU announce Winners of 2014 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards.  €10,000 each to the winners.
  • Italy begins its break up as 65% of those polled want independence for Venice, in non-official vote that has had 750,000 votes so far
  • Over one third of Dutch homeowners are in negative equity.  Up from 13% in 2008.
  • Support for Catalan independence is up to 60%, creating massive problems for the Spanish Govt who has insisted they cannot secede
  • Ukraine & EU Sign Political Part of Association Agreement, in a move sure to make tensions mount
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