Buried deep within an assessment of political life in the United Kingdom, in the European Commission’s first ever Corruption in Europe Report published yesterday was the following statement:

“The Commission is also suggesting to cap donations to political parties, (and) impose limits on electoral campaign spending.”

This is a clear attack on UKIP, a small (but growing) political party that depends on a small number of large donations from benefactors.  If donations are capped then we will struggle.  The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have a larger number of smaller donors and so are less likely to be affected by this proposal.

Attempts to curb electoral spending clearly favour the established parties as they are able to rely upon entrenched cultural voting habits, and clearly disadvantage newer parties like UKIP.

This proposal by the Commission to stifle democracy while masquerading as an attempt to tackle corruption (pots and kettles spring to mind) is an utter disgrace.

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