I have titled this article as The European Conveyance deliberately because the intention of the architects of this experiment has always been a conveyor belt whose destination is a United Europe governed by an un-elected secretariat. At the same time the laws, rules, regulations and directives form a legal conveyance to strip the member countries of their assets and their sovereignty.

The first step was to combine the coal and steel industries of Germany and France under a single secretariat so that neither could wage war on each other in the future. This came into being in 1951 with the inclusion of Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg and Italy to make a trading block of six nations.

The Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, formerly creating the European Economic Community. This was followed in 1967 by the Merger Treaty of the European Communities.

In 1973 Denmark, Greenland, Ireland, and Britain joined making 10, BUT Greenland subsequently realising treachery regarding its fishing rights subsequently withdrew, making it 9. Britain was similarly stitched up but such was the desire by Edward Heath and Harold Wilson to be part of the Community that we stayed in and gave up our territorial waters!

The first elections for representative Members of the European Parliament were held in 1979, creating a body to give the illusion of democracy.

Greece, Portugal & Spain joined in 1981 making it twelve member states.

The Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 to allow open borders between the member states. A year later the Single European Act was signed.

With the removal of the Berlin Wall, East Germany formally merged with West Germany and the community of nations in 1990.

The Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1993 formalising the European Union.

Austria, Finland, & Sweden joined in 1995 bringing the total now to 15.

The EURO was introduced in 2002 to 12 of the 15 nations, with Britain as one of the 3 staying outside at that time.

In 2004 a further 10 countries were allowed to join on condition they adopted the EURO. They were Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, & Slovenia. In 2007 Romania and Bulgaria joined and Croatia in 2013 made the 28th state.

The Commission has now integrated itself with most of the prior Civil Services of the member states to form a civil administration and management supra-national body and only accountable to the overwhelmingly socialist European Parliament.

The leaders of the member states have signed up to ever-closer union, in most cases without the consent of their electorate. I am sure they believe that the universal franchise of democracy puts too much power in the hands of ordinary people, that power should only be exercised by an academic and political elite.

Now David Cameron is trying to CON the British people into believing that he can stop the conveyor belt, and even make it run backwards against the agreement of 27 other nations whose representatives have willingly signed up to it. That is pure fantasy.

The best he can hope to achieve is an opt-out of enough issues for the time-being to obtain an IN vote at a referendum and then for them or the other Europhile party to take over and continue membership.

All that will happen will be our position will move back a little on the conveyor belt but with every directive, regulation, and piece of legislation we will continue to move along with the other nations towards a United Europe.

In the not too distant future a further treaty will require all member states to adopt all the EU rules, laws, directives and regulations and the EURO unconditionally, to bring them all to the end of European conveyor. And if Labour or the Conservatives are in power in Britain they will agree to do it.

Note this will NOT then be a federation of nation states, because the EU Commission is un-elected and unaccountable to the citizens and by the signing of that treaty national parliaments will cease to have purpose. The age of democracy in Europe will have come to an end.

Only UKIP genuinely wishes to get off the conveyor.


Photo by Joybot

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